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Source: The Hitavada      Date: 27 Jun 2017 15:07:40


By dr rachanaa datey,

Some days back, one of my students asked me what should be an ideal routine of a student to score more marks. A quick reply from me was- “It is the learning style which makes all the difference. Effective students often study smarter not always harder”. This has been proved true in many of the cases. When we talk about the college students, there aren't plentiful hours in the day to get all studying in therefore these people need to know how to study smarter. This article of mine is dedicated to my students. If you find your study routine not effective, here are some tips which will definitely come to your rescue and to enhance your learning style.
This is really very important and foremost .One need to plan out and make everything fit into the schedule. Create a schedule that makes sense. Keep time for leisure and hobbies also. Start thinking about the way you spend time now and then design a new schedule. It will always be helpful if you keep a calender with deadlines for all important tasks. While planning the schedule also include your long term and short term goals. This will surely decrease nervousness about upcoming tests and assignments.
The time that one devotes to study counts. Define the amount of study time because you need to do well in each subject of your curriculum. Spaced study is more effective than massed study. Study alternate subjects every day. Make sure you are grouping subjects in such a way that; at least one subject is your favorite and group it with that subject which is not very favorite of yours. This will keep the boredom of those particular subjects away and you can concentrate. I strongly recommend scheduling open study time also, things pop up that may interfere with your set schedule. This open time can help fill in those gaps which you miss.
Be positive, patient and persistent. If you want to succeed never ever let negative thoughts catch-up your mind. The task can be done if you put in the vital time as well as efforts. Academic success is not only about hard work it is also the mind set with which you study. You have to keep yourself out of bad mindsets. Lectures, subjects can be hard, and tests always approaching over you, this will surely give anxiety but always keep in mind that you can learn every subject with some extra efforts, you can always improve, and you can always learn anything if you foster positive thoughts. If you score less marks in any subject last semester, don’t panic; take a deep breath and re-evaluate the situation. Never jump to conclusion that you’ve wasted your time studying that particular subject. Analyze the semester, the lectures, and the questions that you missed. In this way you can figure out where your problems are coming from, you can fix them more easily with a positive attitude.
Many studies have found that pausing for a moment to relax and reboot is essential for achieving productivity, success, and a positive outlook. It hardly matters, whether you're a school student or a college student, there always comes a point where you need to take a break and relax. This is imperative as these short breaks relieves stress and aids you to take a review of everything that you’ve studied.
Taking a break when you feel upset can truly help. Walk away for 10 minutes, listen your favorite song, a short exercise, will surely rejuvenate. This short break also helps you to push through. The fact is that, not taking regular breaks can lead to a substantial decrease in academic performance and many a times it may lead to serious health issues concerns like anxiety, insomnia, and depression. I always advice my students to take a 10-15 minutes break after every hour of study. This helps to study for longer periods of time. Getting in the habit of studying when it is scheduled by you definitely makes it easy and you can stretch /push for longer hours with the passage of time, as by now it has become your everyday routine.
There are times when you don’t want to study. I don’t blame you for this. There are a lot of prospects regarding how you can spend your time — and not studying. If some of you have trouble studying regularly, make a habit of giving yourself a reward when you achieve a certain goal. This trick really helps. It keeps you motivated when you’re having trouble sticking to your schedule. Sanction an immediate reward for yourself for completing a specific task. Understand that your behavior is completely under your control. You need to shape your behavior so that, you can critically analyse what needs to be changed. These routines will increase the likelihood that you will continue to nurture these habits, which will make you a more successful student. Start with frequent rewards and once you get settled decrease the frequency of rewarding yourself as now your routine becomes easier for you to compete.
Be sure that you are honest with yourself. Reward yourself only when you have earned it. This acts as positive reinforcement for good behavior.
Multi-tasking is not always necessary. Focus on one thing when studying. Everyone is not good at multi-tasking. Focus on one task at one time, this minimises the distraction. Ditch those interruptions. Every distraction decreases the amount you learn and alternatively increases the amount of time it takes for you to learn. To keep away distraction - Organise your space. Try to work at study table and not in your bed or arm chair. Turn off your phone and minimise your social media connections. Never study with the TV or music on. Use laptops and smartphones wisely.
Secondly you must have specific goals. These goals have to be realistic. Much better results can be achieved if the tasks are divided into smaller units.It becomes a motivating factor when you achieve these small, specific and realistic goals .This surely directs you to achieve bigger goals. Make sure you keep a track your grades along with your study hours and well defined realistic goals. If you find that it is not helpful, then re-examine your goals for success.
(The author is Founder-Director-QUEST EDUSTATION. She is an academician and can be reached at [email protected])