vital visit

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 27 Jun 2017 15:23:53


FOR Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi the ongoing visit to the United States is full of possibilities and speculation too. While Mr. Modi had established a close personal rapport with previous President Mr. Barrack Obama, resulting in various path-breaking bilateral and multilateral agreements and decisions, the present regime of Mr. Donald Trump is an uncharted territory, so to say, as through his public speeches during his presidential campaign and later after assuming office, the new American President sounded to the world somewhat protectionist towards American interests. Hence to that extent the present atmosphere governing Indo-American relations appear to be in a flux. Mr. Trump has made it known that he would be putting curbs on foreign job seekers and restore America’s place as the top producer of goods.

Apart from these business interests there are several other issues that Mr. Trump has sounded to redraft and stage a departure from the past US policies, like the relations with China, Pakistan, India, the American role in the NATO and a host of other issues that have assumed centre-stage lately. It is under these circumstances that the Indian Prime Minister is undertaking the tour to Washington as the first foreign head of Government to have personal, one-to-one deliberations with the world’s one of the most powerful leaders. On the eve of his meeting with Mr. Modi, Mr. Trump has already sent out indications through his twitter handle that he wants to raise the bar of friendship with the Indian Prime Minister by calling him as the “true friend.” Thus there appears to be an attempt on the part of the Trump administration to remove whatever misgivings may have cropped up in last few months.

On his part, while addressing the Indian diaspora, where his popularity was once again established and was on full display, Mr. Modi made his mind known when he said that Indians in America have contributed to the rise of the United States and their contribution could not be ignored. Thus it was a clear message to the Trump administration that though the President was concerned about job losses of the Americans to migrants from other countries, the contribution of these skilled, intelligent migrants to the prosperity of America cannot be gainsaid. Thus a balance has to be achieved.

At the meeting with the Indian diaspora, Mr. Modi also once again appealed to the patriotic fervour. When Mr. Modi said that when something good happens to India, Indians all over the world celebrate but whenever bad happens to the country sadness is writ large across the Indian diaspora all across the world, thus very rightly reminding all Indians settled across the world never to forget their roots.
Equally important part of the day was the manner in which Mr. Modi appealed to the American corporates to invest in India. His words, so carefully chosen but so endearingly delivered achieved their desired impact. Already, the American corporate sector has realised that Mr. Modi has pulled India out of what used to be known as ‘policy paralysis’ in earlier regime. As they are getting favourably disposed towards India, the Prime Minister’s appeal has come in the most suitable manner. He highlighted various measures that have added to the ease of doing business in India. There is little doubt that the corporate CEOs in the US would tend to look at India as a favoured investment destination.

In sum total, the Prime Minister’s initial steps on this US visit created a favourable psychological ambience on two counts -- one, a stronger connect with Indian diaspora; and two, a very polished appeal for global investment even beyond America. For, when the US moves, the world, too, follows.