Source: The Hitavada      Date: 28 Jun 2017 12:09:23


There were also allegations corruption and financial irregularities against the bosses of many private banks. But hardly anyone was punished under the law. With the apex court defining the officials working in private banks functioning under the licence of the RBI as public servants, a way has been cleared to bring them under the ambit of the CVC. This decision may put a check on all those who treat banks as their personal fiefdoms and abuse power.


THAT the youths in Kashmir indulged in pelting stones at security forces even on Eid, instead of celebrating the last day of Ramazan peacefully indicates how vitiated the atmosphere in some parts of Kashmir has become. Even during the entire holy month of Ramazan, there were clashes, almost daily, between the police and the youths. Security forces conducting anti-militant operations were specifically targeted. The security forces, however, showed utmost restraint even during extreme provocation like lynching of a police officer by youths outside a mosque in Srinagar.

Obviously, anti-national elements are instigating the youths in attacking security personnel. The youths should realise that those living peacefully in Kashmir have nothing to fear from security forces who are there to protect them. But by attacking security personnel, youths are harming themselves and playing into the hands of enemies of the nation. Peace will return to the Valley only when youths stop attacking securitymen and allow them to deal with militants.