Source: The Hitavada      Date: 30 Jun 2017 12:21:31

CHINA is speaking a blatant lie when it says that Pakistan is on the front-line in the international fight against terror. Chinese Foreign Ministry has insisted that the world should recognise Pakistan’s effort to curb terrorism. That China has to defend its all-weather friend Pakistan is understandable to an extent, but its statement that Pakistan is at the forefront of the fight against terror, is something that is a blatant lie and totally unacceptable. 

It is a well known fact all over the world that Pakistan has found itself gripped by multiple forces that pull in different directions, threatening to tear the country asunder. It may be true partly that on a few occasions, Pakistan tried to throw off the satan-like grip of terror groups on its internal systems. Yet, as is known to all, whenever Pakistan tried that, the terrorists bounced back to silence the political leadership. The political leadership of the country, thus, finds itself helpless against terror groups operating out of Pakistan as well as Occupied Kashmir.

Despite this, China is defending Pakistan, in the process perpetuating a blatant lie. This brazenness is perfectly in tune with China’s method and manner. In the past as well, China has indulged in a shameless cheating of India on several counts, trying to stamp down Indian point of view as regards territorial possession or trade or foreign relations. Recently, a Chinese newspaper issued a warning to India against its friendship with the United States. A couple of months ago, the Chinese authorities warned India for the ‘swadeshi’ movement promoting support to indigenous items in the domestic market. It appears almost that China wishes to dictate the Indian agenda in any regard. India has rightly chosen to ignore all these Chinese diatribes.

The latest Chinese stand over Pakistan as a country on the forefront of fight against terror, however, shows clearly how it is trying to browbeat the world. It is more than obvious that China would support Pakistan in whatever it does. Even though China is acting in self-interest, its indulgence in blatant lies now stands exposed to the whole world. In international relations, such a conduct has often alarmed the world. The latest Chinese stance also has served the same purpose.

Though India would never want to use the term in any manner, it is obvious that some parts of the overall Chinese conduct denote a ‘rogue’ behaviour. It alters territorial map. It claims other countries’ territory as its own. It pushes its armed elements into foreign territories and destroys installations using bulldozers. Its overall approach to neighbours is brazen, to say the least. And now, it wishes to defend Pakistan on an issue on which no defence is possible.

But then, that is how China operates, imposing itself on the region, changing definitions, altering facts, setting new rules for one-sided games in which other players are not allowed a say. It is in tune with such tactics that China has indulged in a blatant lie about Pakistan being on the forefront of the global fight against terror. The world will laugh at the Chinese overture, though Beijing would never care. For, once it has set its mind to doing certain thing, it would not hesitate about anything. For, in the Chinese thought, international morality has little value and ethics no place.

This latest overture stems from two points -- one, the joint statement by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and President Mr. Donald Trump; and two, the American declaration of the name of Salauddin as a global terrorist. The world knows how China has opposed India’s effort to have Hafeez Saeed declared global terrorist by the United Nations. It is obvious, China, too, has certain complicity in the terror game that its ally Pakistan keeps playing all the time.