State to use BPI drug to curb dengue, malaria, chikungunya

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Jul 2017 11:02:58


By Arun Kumar,

FROM next year, the State Government might use new drug BPI to kill dengue larvae and mosquito to control dengue, malaria and chikungunya in State.

A drug being used to kill dengue larvae for last about 40 years is known as Temifos which seem to be ineffective on dengue larvae and it is the reason why malaria workers are asked to spray these drugs repeatedly in those areas where sewage or rain water remains stagnated for days or places where heaps of garbage is found to kill dengue and malaria mosquitoes. Despite this, neither dengue larvae nor mosquitoes menace has been controlled in the areas infact the cases have increased. It was found during the monthlong programme started by the Health Department from June 15 in many districts, particularly in those districts where malaria and dengue cases were more. A special drive for malaria and dengue will be concluded on July15.

According to information, now the Government of India has approved a new drug BPI this month to kill dengue and malaria larvae. The Government of India, Health Ministry has said that the states’ Health Departments might procure this new drug BPI to control malaria and dengue as it is very effective on dengue larvae mosquitoes spreading malaria, dengue and chikungunya. But it will take more time to purchase it.

Senior Health Officer said that if the Government begins procurement process of BPI drugs, atleast two months will be needed for tender process as it will be purchased to all districts. Then pharmaceutical companies will have to give atleast 45 days to supply drugs in large quantity. The process to supply drugs to districts will also take some more days.

In such case, by the time dengue and malaria season might end. Hence, the Government might take decision to purchase BPI next year. It is learnt that, during meetings called by the Government of India officers over dengue and malaria control, the State health officers and district malaria officers informed that there is no effect of Temifos on dengue larvae or mosquitoes. It is the reason why it has spread many times at the same place to kill larvae and mosquito.

State Programme Officer of Health Dr Himanshu Jaiswal, looking after dengue and malaria, when contacted, admitted that Temifos drugs for dengue and malaria were found ineffective. The Government of India has this year approved new drug BPI. It will be purchased and used from next year, he said.