Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Jul 2017 12:05:31

EVEN as a Group of Ministers sits down to decide the fate of huge art collection of Air India that is about to undergo the process of disinvestment, it would be pertinent to suggest that the Government forms a special museum under its own control and name it ‘Air India Museum of Arts’. The collection is very rich and diverse and has representation of artists such as M.F. Hussain, S.H.

Raza, V.S. Gaitonde and many other legendary personages from the field of arts. Of course, the company that may finally buy over the disinvested airline may show equal interest in the art collection. Yet, if that is going to be a bone of contention in terms of assets valuation, then the Government has the option of de-linking the art collection from the assets and create a special museum to house it. A steady flow of moderate income, too, will continue when thousands visit the museum, and the people would get a great opportunity to enjoy the works of art by masters. The more one thinks about the issue, the more one gets convinced that such a museum would serve a terrific purpose.


THE famous blue-bordered sari Mother Teresa wore and which became her trade mark, will now be treated as an intellectual property, according to Intellectual Property attorney Mr. Biswajit Sarkar. Trade Mark Registry of the Government of India has granted the sari with blue border the status of an intellectual property. This development will certainly gladden lakhs of people who revered Mother Teresa as a saint who did so much good to humanity. But there may be even a bigger number that may want to treat Mother’s blue-bordered sari a spiritual property.

For, that attire stood for simplicity, sacrifice, and spirituality. The people the world over felt that the attire symbolised the best of human empathy stemming from the heart that bled with even a hint of trauma and suffering of human beings. The blue-bordered sari, thus, came to be known as Mother’s representation, eternal and spiritual. That is the reason why lakhs and lakhs of people may want the sari to be given the status of spiritual property that Mother has left behind for humanity’s benefit.