Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Jul 2017 11:50:14

BY EVERY standard, the terror attack on Amarnath pilgrims claiming at least seven lives is cruel and cold-blooded. That one particular vehicle had strayed away from the main column of vehicles on way to the holy Amarnath shrine and that it did not have proper permission to undertake the pilgrimage, is only a matter of small detail. What is most shocking and most cruel and most inhuman is the fact that the terrorists did not spare even those who were on a pilgrimage to a holy shrine where lakhs of people are constantly making their way every year. The terrorists did not show any concern for their religious sentiment or devotion, and indulged in wanton shooting at the vehicle. It is only natural that the whole world condemned this act of terror.

Obviously, the Government would take much more care in providing security to Amarnath pilgrims from now on. Obviously, it would monitor the flow of pilgrims far more carefully. Obviously, the security forces would be on a lookout for those who indulged in this strike. And as a result of all that, the pilgrimage could be safeguarded against future terror strikes. Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi was right in asserting that India would never got bogged down by such attacks. His words of courage carry a great meaning for all the Indian people, no matter their individual faith and choices. For, this attack was not on just people of one religion; it was against those sections of humanity who believe in prayers and peace.

This terror strike is quite in tune with similar strikes that took place in recent times around the world. The terrorists seem to have developed this modus operandi -- of attacking people near the places of worship, whether a temple or eve a mosque, as happened in London where the terrorists mowed down worshippers just outside a mosque. It is more than obvious, thus, that the terrorists have left behind all notions of goodness and religious piety and devotion of common people towards their deities and gods. The terrorists have not even spared school-going children, killing them in the most cruel manner.

These recent developments make it clear that the terrorists have evolved their own religion -- of inhuman acts of terror against humanity. They may profess any religion as a matter of their faith. Yet, the world has by now known very well that the terrorists of any colour have only one aim -- create a reign of terror and keep the common people scared around world under a cruel spell of terror. That is the reason why countless Islamic scholars and ideologues are blasting the terrorists for claiming to be Islam Ke Bande.

The attack on Amarnath pilgrims was one such attack, demonstrating to the civilised world their extreme cruelty, extreme cold-bloodedness, and extreme hatred for the correct ways of the human community. This dastardly attack assumes a special significance against the background of recent efforts by some sections of Kashmiri people in particular to tell the world that countless numbers of Muslims are often engaged in helping Amarnath pilgrims each year. The terrorists appeared hell bent upon dashing even a semblance of inter-religion harmony. Hence this attack. Hence this wanton shooting that took seven lives away and injured dozens of others.

Mr. Narendra Modi is right in asserting that such terror strikes cannot bog India down. India is a State founded on sound principles and unshakable faith in philosophy of togetherness. It is a truly democratic country where all religions have equal importance and status. For decades, India has been campaigning against terrorism and is trying to forge a global front against any sort of extremism, let alone armed violence in the name of religion. To their misfortune, terrorists do not know this.