Senior Delhi scribe lauds ‘Open Letter to CM’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Jul 2017 11:08:28

Staff Reporter,

response continue to pour in for ‘Open Letter to Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan’ by State Editor, Madhya Pradesh Editions, ‘The Hitavada’, Anshuman Bhargava.
Senior Journalist of New Delhi Sanjay Sinha:I wholeheartedly mirror your sentiments and feeling of pride in thanking the State Chief Minister, Mr Shivraj Singh Chouhan, for his lead in expanding the green cover. The massive tree plantation drive of July 2, when over 6 crore saplings were planted along river Narmada, has become a precedent for the other states to follow.

I congratulate the Chief Minister for envisaging this programme and bringing it to reality. I have endearing links with the State that date back to my student days. One of the indelible part of those memoirs is your newspaper, and therefore, it is one of the first things I pick up whenever I visit the State. During my recent visit to Jabalpur, I read your letter addressed to the Chief Minister and felt good that your newspaper is promoting a positive cause. I was with Mr Chouhan when he planted a sapling at Lamhetaghat in Jabalpur. I was overwhelmed by his enthusiasm in making this programme a big success.

I also salute every single person who came out to plant a tree that day. These six crore people now have a story to tell to their future generations - of how they created history and of how they contributed their share in preserving nature for the coming generations. I feel fortunate to be a witness of this event that brought millions of green saviours to this planet.

And, your letter revives people’s hope that every step in the positive direction will get many supporters. Your letter is a reminder that good deeds also have many takers. At a time when sensationalising news reports are dominating the scenes, your letter will surely awaken many. By supporting such causes, you are encouraging more people to get connected to this drive. We need to keep the torch of change bright and glowing by adding our share. And you are fulfilling your duties commendably.

I also reiterate your sentiments that our responsibility has just begun with this event. We must ensure that these saplings are taken care of and protected till they become fully grown plants or trees. I, therefore, call upon those who have missed the opportunity on July 2 to come forward and take ownership of these young green warriors. If need be, individuals, students, schools, colleges, institutions, traders and businesses can adopt these plants and increase their survival rate.

This will develop a sense of ownership and concern especially in children and establish a cohesive bond among people, businesses and the community around them.
Today, the plants need us. Tomorrow, our survival will depend on them.
Now is our time. Let’s take care of them. The future generations will thank us for it.