Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Jul 2017 12:06:28

CHINA, which is flexing its muscles in the Indian Ocean, is feeling extremely insecure following the Malabar naval exercise, being held in the Bay of Bengal jointly by the navies of India, US and Japan. The reaction of China, which hoped that the exercise was not aimed against any nation, says it all. China is behaving as if the whole planet belongs to it. Recently, China tried to provoke India by making incursions in Sikkim and destroying Indian border posts by their troops. Its ships also started prowling in the Indian Ocean after the spat. Chinese media also began threatening India with war. Against this backdrop, coming together of three navies to thwart the attempts of China to gain an upper hand in the region is significant. China is particularly rattled by the growing military cooperation between the US and India. It fears that the US may use India against it and is thus trying to put pressure on India. However, India is not buckling under pressure. With Japan joining hands with India and US, China is becoming increasingly paranoid.


THE joint action that international forces launched along side Iraqi Army to liberate the strongholds of Islamic State terrorists, seems to have reached a fruition point as operations are underway to flush out the remaining hordes of marauders. During their occupation of the major historic Iraqi city of Mosul the IS terrorists went on a destruction spree. Thus the immediate task for the joint forces is to clean the mess that has been left behind and provide immediate succour to the suffering masses. As it would be impossible for Iraq alone to undertake that massive task of rehabilitation. While the core of the IS appears to have been destroyed and dismantled in the Iraq-Syria theatre of action, the world leaders cannot lose sight of the attempts by the IS to look for safer havens elsewhere in the world. South Asia along with Afghanistan is on the radar of the Islamic extremists. Countries in South Asia are vulnerable to the danger of the IS spreading its wings. The sporadic arrests of young boys showing allegiance to the IS is a pointer.