Source: The Hitavada      Date: 15 Jul 2017 10:53:02










THE allegation that AIADMK (Amma) leader Mrs. V. K. Sasikala was being given a ‘special’ treatment in prison is yet another ugly symbol of corruption in jails. Off and on, reports keep appearing in media  about political leaders and gangsters lodged in various jails getting whatever they desired in jails, be it mobile phones, drugs, liquor, outside food or any other item of luxury, by bribing jail authorities.

DyIG (Prisons) Ms. D Roopa, in her report to the DIG, has alleged that  even a separate kitchen has been set  up for Ms. Sasikala in jail, who has allegedly paid a bribe of  Rs. 2 crore for it. This is a serious matter and a mockery of the jail system. The convicts are put behind bars as a punishment for the serious crimes they have committed. But if they continue to live in luxury and are allowed to carry out their activities unhindered from the jail, then the very purpose of awarding them the punishment gets defeated. The authorities should take a serious note of prisoners like Ms. Sasikala getting a special treatment. Those  found guilty must be severely punished.


THE National Green Tribunal (NGT) has noted with regret that despite spending over Rs. 7000 crore by Central Governments on cleaning the 500-km-long stretch of Ganga, there is no improvement in the quality of water of the holy river. That is regrettable. Environmentalist Mr. M. C. Mehta has justifiably demanded investigation by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). If even after spending such a huge amount of money the outcome is negligible, then it certainly is a matter for probe. As much of public life is riddled with graft, there is lurking fear that the Ganga cleaning mission too may have fallen prey to the insatiable hunger of the corrupt. Besides, there is need to probe the manner in which the project has been executed and whether it had the ingredients of yielding desired results of a clean Ganga. Apart from that much time has also been expended on the project but with scant outcome. That poorly reflects on the way such important projects are planned and executed in the country. This seems to be a cultural problem.