Source: The Hitavada      Date: 16 Jul 2017 10:37:45

THAT some unidentified person(s) were successful in planting a powerful explosive inside the Uttar Pradesh Assembly building without anyone noticing it, is a big security lapse. The powerful PETN explosive, kept near the seat of the Leader of the Opposition, was found by the cleaning staff, thereby avoiding a possible major terror attack on the elected representatives of the biggest State in the country. The cleaning staff, who found the explosives, deserve pat for their alertness. At the same time, those responsible for the security of the Assembly need to be hauled up for the serious security lapse on their part. Because, the conspirators were successful in planting the explosive and it was just a matter time before the plot would have been executed.

The Uttar Pradesh Assembly is right in recommending a probe by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) into the matter as the incident is a serious one that requires specialised persons to conduct an investigation and expose those behind the plot. Planting of PETN seems to be a part of a well-knit conspiracy of some who are expert in handling explosives. The PETN explosive was chosen carefully by the conspirators as it is difficult to detect it, but powerful enough to cause a heavy damage to the lives and property.

The needle of suspicion for planting an explosive would of course point to many as there are several persons who work in the Assembly. All of them would be under scanner now. Even the sniffer dogs have failed to detect the explosive. This calls for undertaking extra stringent security measures. Some of the lawmakers, who are used to getting VIP treatment all the time may not like tough security measures like frisking and showing valid papers at the security check post while entering the House. But they must understand that these are the necessary evils as the danger of terror attack has entered the House itself. They must therefore cooperate fully with the security staff without creating any scene.

Uttar Pradesh has been home to several terror operatives and high profile criminals. The police of the State has drawn flak in the recent past for not doing their job of curbing crime properly. With Yogi Adityanath taking over the reins, things have, however, started changing. The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister has asked the police to spruce up and act tough against criminals. The Chief Minister has in the process invited wrath of several people, There is a possibility that the explosive might have been planted by such an element with a view to physically harm Mr. Adityanath and his team members. It is sheer luck that the explosive was found in time and the possible disaster was averted. The NIA should go to the bottom of the case and expose those behind the conspiracy. At the same time, gaps in security must be plugged urgently.