‘Bhopal women Vitamin D deficient’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 17 Jul 2017 11:36:31


By Tara Chettur,

Bhopali women are more prone to Vitamin D deficiency. Exact reason for the deficiency is yet to be ascertained, but mostly, less exposure to sunlight and poor dietary habits are the main reasons behind it.

An Astha Rajoriya Yoga therapist in All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) says that in a recent check-up done randomly on patients, it was found that many are suffering from Vitamin D deficiency. In a survey done on 50 patients for Vitamin D test, only three were found to be having blood level in between 21-30 ng/ml and one patient came under sufficient reference range of above 30ng/ml . What was more shocking was that many of the vegetarians are the ones prone to Vitamin D deficiency and came under age group 30-40 .About 10 % of women showed severe deficiency.

Dr Parihar, who works in Ayurveda Department AYUSH at AIIMS says, “Water in the region has less quantity of calcium, which can also be a reason that body not being able to absorb Vitamin D properly.”

Exposure of sunlight is required every day for 15- 20 minutes for the vital compound to be absorbed in the body. About 20% of body should be exposed to sunlight every day. Though summer in Bhopal of late is witnessing high range of temperature above 45 degrees Celsius, but trend to walk under sunlight is getting decreased. Besides, intake of milk products is also less and many times, women are seen ignoring their health, while performing daily chores of family life. Recently, AIIMS Bhopal organised a workshop on MYM Medical Yoga and Approach of Integrated Medicine with women’s health as main focus. Long-term deficiency of Vitamin D leads to muscular pain cramps, osteoporosis and various psychosomatic disorders.