Artisans facing losses due to poor knowledge of market trends

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 17 Jul 2017 11:13:17


By Piyush Shrivastava,

Lack of proper exposure about market trends, artisans and weavers of different traditional medium is not getting desired benefits. Maximum profit on artwork earned by middlemen. As artisans in majority comes from families having earning from the trade and due to less exposure about market valuation of their products manufactured, they could get only input cost and their labour.

Change in market trends requires need of orientation about new age marketing mediums as well as creating platforms where artisans could be given desired value of their products. A separate program on exposure of potential of e-commerce and m-commerce in trade expansion should be initiated.

Saiyad Mohd. Nasir, Assistant Commissioner, Ministry of Textile, Government of India says that government is running various important programmes for upliftment, conservation of traditional art skills. In this direction series of exhibition, cum sale and business fairs are being organised at different levels.

For skill enhancement various workshops are being organised in main centres of the country. While the training program along with events related to skill development would be organised at district level. In this financial assistance would be provided by the government of India.
The change of tax regime in the country the cottage and micro enterprises would be benefited. As majority of artisans registered under the Madhya Pradesh Handicraft and Handloom Development Corporation as well as Khadi Gram Udyog and other such organisations are running cottage industry. Owing to the application of GST on different brands would raise prices but the cottage industry products are exempted from GST and hence their value would be good at local level.

Vivek Chaturvedi, Director, Centre for Skill Development Jabalpur an NGO opined that in cottage industry still traditional and conventional model of market and marketing is working. The artisans, weavers on their own popularity and recognitions are selling their goods. In order to connect their businesses and products with present age mediums there is need of education. One of the family member women or young boys or girls about the information technology based support systems would prove beneficial.

Chaturvedi added that for permanent resolution the concept of developing Cottage Industry Marts is also a solution. The ASSAUD is planning such mart in Jabalpur where handicraft and handloom products right from a small artisan in a remote village to city.

ML Sharma, Convenor of the Exhibition Cum Fair Theme Pavilion opined that the Corporation in Madhya Pradesh is incepting various schemes for support of artisans, weavers of different mediums. IN order to promote region wise handicraft and handloom the corporation has introduced Theme Pavilion exhibitions. While also running stores in brand name Mrignayanee. For the education of artisans about new age tools the corporation is planning to introduce a new programme for artisans.