Defence sector offers huge scope for SMEs in Vidarbha, says Phadke

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 17 Jul 2017 10:02:20


Business Bureau,

VIDARBHA Industries Association (VIA) and Defence Innovators and Industries Association (DIIA) jointly organised a G2K seminar on ‘SAAB-Barracuda Camouflage Systems’ to discuss business prospects.
Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Vidarbha may get an opportunity to be part of defence technology development of the country.

Mohan Phadke, Regional Director and Adviser of SAAB-Barracuda Camouflage Systems India said, “Swedish defence technology company has 80 per cent global market share in providing camouflage technologies to armed forces of various countries, and is now looking to cater to India as well.”

Phadke said that Vidarbha has an opportunity to take part in the defence sector. “We have the biggest window to have a partnership in India and are open to the fabrication of our camouflage systems in India. The business alone is worth Rs 600 crore,” he said. The Pinaka multi barrel rocket launcher (MBRL) and the Dhanush Howitzer are currently carrying camouflage fabrics made by SAAB-Barracuda. The camouflage system has also been tested on the Arjun main battle tank with remarkable results.

“We use the latest technology in designing our products. Our systems have managed to achieve 90 per cent camouflage abilities in real world tests,” said Phadke. The camouflage has to be tailored to suit specific requirements of each armed force and weapon.

For example, the main problem is to be able to conceal the heat emitted from a battle tanks exhaust, turret and cannon. The polymer fabric specifically designed for tanks has been successful in deceiving thermal imaging radars (TIR), said Phadke.
The materials for making the camouflage equipment can be made available to the company’s partners for manufacture.