‘Craze for cooking classes on rise’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 18 Jul 2017 10:19:42


By Praveen Vighre,

Every woman wants to be a good cook at home but chasing professional career keeps her away from the kitchen. Whenever a lady gets time from her professional life, she uses it to upgrade her culinary skills, said Master Chef Neeraj Jain, whose brain child is Nirali Cookery Institute.

Talking to The Hitavada said, “In modern life where the mother is busy with her job, she is unable to teach her daughter the skills of cooking. Career chasing girls after completing their studies want to gain expertise in kitchen. Even some of the working ladies want to upgrade themselves with the new dishes to serve their family. So the craze for cooking classes is increasing day by day,” Jain said.

An M.Sc in Drugs and Nutrition with inborn passion towards learning variety of dishes, Neeraj Jain was supported by her mother Leela Devi Essarka and father Ghanshyam Esarka.
“In 1997, I took risk to host my first cookery show at Seoni which was attended by 68 participants. It boosted my confidence. In 1998, after marriage, I was motivated by my father-in-law Kailashchand Jain and husband Sharad Jain. I started Nirali Cooking and Baking Classes at Sadar,” Jain said.

Now the small sapling has transformed into a huge tree in the name of Nirali Cookery Institute with more than 50 baking and cooking courses. “Our bridal cooking workshop is unique in the country. Ladies from all over the country are waiting for the announcement of the course date,” Jain said.

She has hosted more than 250 cookery shows across Pan India and on TV channels too. A pioneer in introducing chocolate bouquet, chocolate Rakhi’s, chocolate Ganesha, she has been instrumental in establishing many bakery units with tools, plants machinery and recipes.

Taking her legacy forward, her students started their own bakery and chocolate making units and are now successful entrepreneurs. She has taught the culinary art to more than a lakh of students of every age group right from 17 to 75 years.

“Cooking is the source of pride for the maker as family and friends enjoy it. We can’t change the way we eat but can change the way we cook. The craze of fast food has increased. Regional dishes with fusion are in demand. Even demand for traditional food remains constant,” Jain said. She has penned four books and will be published shortly. With a long list of awards to her credit, she said, “Culinary art can also be treated as profession.”