Source: The Hitavada      Date: 18 Jul 2017 12:40:21

DURING intervening period between the Budget and Monsoon sessions of Parliament much upheaval has taken place in the country. This gives potent ammunition to Opposition parties to try to corner the Government. While the Opposition is ready for firing salvos at the Treasury Benches, the Government too is prepared with its legislative agenda with 24 bills. While the Opposition may exercise its right to question the Government on various issues concerning the nation, the past record holds no promise that there will be a smooth functioning of the Houses of the Parliament.

Unfortunately, so called debates in the past have mostly degenerated into slugfest between the Opposition and the Treasury Benches, leading to precious time of the legislature being lost. As a result several important legislative matters have witnessed inordinately long delays in getting the sanction of both Houses of Parliament. Hence it is imperative that the Opposition and the Treasury Benches should seek creative cooperation.


EVEN though his name is Roger Federer, he had to wait for five long years before he could win a Wimbledon Men’s Singles Final -- for a record eighth time. Such is a challenge every tennis player faces today, with the field getting tougher and merciless. For, when Venus Williams went down in Women’s Singles Final, Federer came up with amazing ease, playing an almost no-contest. That his rival Marin Cilic of Croatia could not rise to the occasion, was only a small part of the story.

The greater part was that Federer was at his ruthless best, unwilling to offer even half a chance to his rival. His game rose to the next level and his strokes became very sharply positioned and purposefully delivered. All Cilic could do was only watch haplessly. He did offer some resistance, but that was mere apology. To see Federer at play in the Final was a heavenly treat. The world might not have seen such excellence on many occasions. This year’s Men’s Singles Final, thus, was one of those rare occasions when even gods descended to watch the match unfold to greatness.