Source: The Hitavada      Date: 19 Jul 2017 15:33:39

THE stand taken by RBI in the Supreme Court that it could not make public the identities of big defaulters of loans as it could severely impact the businesses, is unjustifiable. Most of the public and private sector banks are in the red because of their non-performing assets that run into lakhs of crores of rupees. And list of defaulters who owe more than Rs. 500 crore to banks is a long one.

As the Government has launched a drive against black money and initiated action against those who have stashed money abroad, public pressure is mounting on it to declare the names of big defaulters.

There is a growing feeling among the masses that while banks take prompt action against defaulters of small loan amounts, those who loot banks of hundreds of crores of rupees are not touched at all. Truly speaking, all are equal in eyes of law. The State thus can’t discriminate between small and big loan defaulters. Hence it is absolutely wrong for RBI to treat big loan defaulters differently. Even if it affects business, their names should be made public.


SHE wants to enjoy the great moment of her triumph in the Women’s Singles Final at the iconic Wimbledon a little more. When Garbine Muguruza of Spain won the French Open title two years ago, she had hoped to bask in its glory for a long time. But then came a slump in her form that made her slide down the global rankings very fast. This time, however, Garbine wishes to enjoy the Wimbledon moment a little more and a little longer.

That means a lot in human terms -- by way of basking in the glory, and also by way of working harder to retain the spot in limelight. So, pleasure and pain go hand in hand when it comes to enjoying the glory of one’s great performance for long. Garbine’s wish, of course, is very human and very natural.

She is willing to go full distance to stay pepped up, but is also brave enough to face a possible slide down the scale, if at all it comes. Sports, thus, offer the individual best opportunity to achieve glamour of success and also face the grime of failure. But Garbine’s wish will be anybody’s wish. After all, isn’t she a normal, good human being!