Source: The Hitavada      Date: 20 Jul 2017 12:49:41

IT was a cantankerous behaviour by Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Ms. Mayawati, when she resigned from the Rajya Sabha in a huff, alleging that she was not allowed to speak on the issue of attacks on Dalits. There are certain norms to be followed by the chair for smooth running of the Rajya Sabha. Ms. Mayawati was given a stipulated time to speak . The BSP chief was asked to stop by the chair only when she exceeded the time limit. There was absolutely no question of gagging, as alleged by Ms. Mayawati, while speaking to the media. In fact, there is more to the ‘drama’ enacted by Ms. Mayawati than meets the eye. BSP’s humiliating defeat in recently held Uttar Pradesh elections has perturbed Ms. Mayawati. The masterstroke of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi to field Mr. Ram Nath Kovind, a Dalit , for presidential poll has further dealt a serious blow to Ms. Mayawati, who is losing her base speedily among Dalits. The BSP chief, has, therefore, resorted to the gimmick of resigning from the Rajya Sabha. However, even this is not going to help Ms. Mayawati in impressing the Dalits.


THAT the Indian Government has taken up the issue of extradition of fugitives from Indian laws with the British authorities, is a long overdue and welcome development. The litigation related to liquor baron Vijay Mallya and former Indian Premier League (IPL) chief Lalit Modi should be treated as test cases for arriving at agreements between the two countries. The Indian authorities confront a dead wall when those wanted by Indian laws escape to other countries and get asylum there. In the absence of extradition treaty it then becomes very difficult to get them back to the country to face trials for the crimes committed by them. As soon as these persons get the wind of possible action and even arrest they simply vanish from the country. Vijay Mallya and Lalit Modi are facing serious charges of money laundering. Even separatists in the past used to carry out their anti-India activities from alien shores. If India is able to sign the required extradition treaty with Britain it would be easier to get hold of the wanted offenders of law.