Source: The Hitavada      Date: 21 Jul 2017 11:04:26









THOUGH the US has stated the obvious in its report that Pakistan is providing a safe haven to terrorists, it does not lessen the importance of the findings. The report has cited various incidents including Mumbai attack mastermind Hafiz Saeed, a UN-designated terrorist, addressing rallies and organising fund raising campaigns in Pakistan,  terror attacks on Indian military camps as well as on the US installations in Afghanistan, to support its claim.

The report also  nails other nations for supporting terror outfits. But the moot point is, what next? Will the US  act against terror networks operating in Pakistan and other places? Because, the signals the world gets from the US are often confusing. On the one hand, the US  blasts Pakistan for not doing enough to  rein in terrorists. And, on the other hand, it continues to provide huge financial and military aid to Pakistan in the name of fighting terror, which is ultimately misused by Pakistan to fund terror outfits. If the US is really interested in fighting terror, it must stop all aid to Pakistan at once. Only then Pakistan will learn the lesson. 



IT IS BOTH unfortunate and shameful that India’s gold medalist shot-putter Manpreet Kaur has tested positive for a banned stimulant. It is indeed a massive embarrassment for the country that one of its athletes, the Asian champion, would be losing her gold for her indiscretion. Being an international athlete, Manpreet Kaur  should have known the consequences of her indiscretion for herself and for the nation.

The National Anti-doping Association (NADA) has done well in carrying out necessary investigations truthfully and exposing her without caring for the athlete’s standing. This should send a clear message to those who choose to take resort to such unlawful methods to enhance their performances, thereby cheating on fellow honest sportspersons.

World anti-doping organisation, WADA has shown no mercy in penalising those who have been found guilty from time to time, irrespective of their reputations. WADA has made a fine example of Russia in banning their athletes  and officials for gross violation of anti-doping norms. NADA needs to be similarly unrelenting, persevering.