Source: The Hitavada      Date: 22 Jul 2017 11:21:04









THE dark underbelly of the so-called glamorous jobs in IT companies was exposed badly recently when an employee was  asked by an HR person in an IT firm to quit immediately or face sacking. Against this backdrop, the appeal made by Mr. R. Chandrasekar, President of the national body of IT companies, the Nasscaom, that IT firms  should show sensitivity and transparency while dismissing an employee, is welcome.

IT companies, which offer hefty pay packages to employees, are  extremely ruthless while sacking an employee. As a result, an employee enjoying good salary and perks becomes almost a pauper the moment he is thrown out of the job. Job insecurity in IT sector is taking a heavy toll of the young generation, forcing many of them to take the extreme step of ending their lives in total dejection. The IT companies, which rake in huge profits using the talent of young people, do not bat an eye while axing the same employees without giving them notice or compensation. The IT companies must follow the labour laws to the T while sacking an employee.


THE proposal floated by the Arunachal Pradesh Government to set up Sainik Schools to wean away young boys from insurgency and provide them with better education is welcome. Over 600 youths in tribal-dominated areas have joined various outlawed groups  in the last decade, as there were no job opportunities for them. The rebel groups have taken advantage of the situation and indoctrinated the youths  in their fold. To thwart this in future, it has been proposed to set up Sainik Schools.

A similar experiment was undertaken in Kashmir, where the Army has opened schools in militancy-hit areas. And the results were encouraging. This was also one of the reasons why school buildings were set on fire by the militants in Kashmir a couple of months back. Temporary setback apart, the  move has been appreciated by the local people. With the opening of Sainik Schools in Arunachal Pradesh, the future of the students will be secured. It will also help the students in joining Armed Forces, besides giving a blow to  anti-national forces active in the region.