Taking challenge in her stride

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 22 Jul 2017 11:31:23

By C Nishi

The Indian woman does not realise her myriad powers and potential unless faced with adversity; but when she does she can be as determined and as fierce as Mahakali. The show Mahakaali: Anth Hi Aarambh Hai shows this transition of the very gentle, demure Parvati to the ferocious Kali.Who is Mahakaali? How is she relevant to our lives? Responding to this Pooja Sharma, who plays Parvati in the show, told The Hitavada, “Har nari me Kali hai, aur vahi Mahakaali hai”. “Initially I was a bit reluctant and had almost said no to the role. But i was asked to read the script before taking any decision, and I am glad that I agreed to the suggestion. Because when i went through the script, I loved the whole concept. i knew I made the right decision to play the all-important role of Mahakali” added Pooja.

Speaking about the trendsetting shows on COLORS, she said, “I am glad that I am part of the great storytelling channel. After Naagin, Chandrakanta’s great success, now we all expect the same from Mahakaali which will depict the story of Indian mythology’s most feared and revered Goddess.”

Very happy with her new venture, Pooja says, “The role is very satisfying and challenging at the same time. This is my first action role, so I did a special workshop to learn fighting and weapon handling. Even the jewellery I am wearing is part of the challenge. It is very heavy and it’s a task to don the jewellery and put on makeup everyday! I wear a 6 kg mala and my wig weighs 4 Kgs, none of the ornaments are made from thermocol. So the fight sequences are even more difficult. But I accepted the role knowing all this, and now as an actor, I am giving my 100 per cent. I have no regrets. I am enjoying my part,” she said with a smile.

“Mahakaali and her journey may be unknown to many. She is a relatively unknown entity and we are trying to bring her life on canvas. I am sure it will catch the attention of the viewers,” she further added. This being a mythological story, its sets and locations have special importance. When asked about it Pooja said, “The scenes showing icy cold backdrops like Kailash, or scenes in Patal lok, are all shot in Umargoan, Gujarat. The remaining scenes and the main show sets are at SG studio. VFX is used extensively, especially for filming the Kailash scenes. And we have an award-winning VFX team on hand to do the needful.”

And how tough is the schedule? To that Pooja said, “As you would expect, the schedule is tough. We hardly get 3 to 4 hours of sleep, and the most difficult part is the make-up! Recreating Kali’s look, as we know it, is challenging. It takes 3-4 hours to make Kali’s get-up right. We have called in a special artist from Bengal, and paint is very important too. Such quality paints are not available in India, so we procure it from London, Dubai or USA. As Shankar, Kali also has a third eye, for it the production house created a prosthetic eye. Later, removing all this makeup requires another two hours,” Pooja explains with a chuckle.

So tune in to witness Pooja Sharma and Parvati’s transformation into Indian mythology’s primordial Goddess on Mahakaali: Anth Hi Aarambh Hai starting July 22, 2017, every Saturday and Sunday at 7 pm on COLORS.