A Healthy Connection Chakras & Food

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 24 Jul 2017 12:27:23


By Meghana Kumare,

Our grandparents, have always insisted us about the Shuddha and Sampurna Ahaar. The cleaner, less processed and natural food you have in your diet, the chances of living a healthy life are even more. There are seven centres in our body in which energy flows through. These are called the Chakra’s. The chakras are closely related to various systems in our body. Each chakra has close resemblance with the science of colours.

Rainbow has seven colour. Similarly seven chakras ’s has colours that are close to our nature. When we see the rainbow we feel happy and we get a positive energy. Science also says if we eat a seven different colour and taste of food we get all nutrients and antioxidants. So here let us try to understand that healthy connection of various coloured food and the chakra in our body.

All of us know that that we consume food which gives us energy and chakras also give us energy. If we are eating balanced diet, clean diet and more close to nature diet we will definitely get positive energy. If we are into the negative thought process then our chakras become weak emitting the more negative energy. So think positive for positivity and positive energy. Now this positivity along with good food and bring loads of happiness for healthy life.

l Negative Energy leads to so many diseases, including
various disorders like acidity and even cancer.
l Positive Energy leads to give you healthy body
(disease free life)
So just look at the relationship between Chakras and Food.

1. Muladhar Chakra: it is located at the base of sacrum or spinal cord. The colour for this chakra is red. It is related to reproductive system so if you have any reproductive system problem have beet root, red apple, pomegranate, tomatoes, strawberries.

2. Janadhishtan Chakra: This chakra is located below the navel. These chakra help to strengthen your excretory system. Constipation, diarrhoea, kidney stone and kidney disease prevail if this chakra is weak. Jandhisthan chakra has a orange colour. So eat more carrot, orange colour mangoes, pumpkin, yams, nuts and oils (unrefined).

3. Manipura Chakra: This chakra is just above the navel. It helps to strengthen your digestive system and this chakra help to cure gases, acidity problem. This chakra colour is yellow. And the light yellow colour food are pineapple, daal, yellow mango that are really helpful.

4. Anahata Chakra: These chakra located in the center of the chest. It helps to fortify the immune system. The colour of the chakra is green- so green leafy vegetables, green apple, green veggies like broccoli are the good options to be taken and stay fit.

5. Visudha Chakra: This chakra is located near third gland. So it helps to strengthen and support your respiratory system. This chakra’s colour is light blue, so water is the host example to help to strengthen this chakra, green tea, herbal tea. Lemon grass tea is the best example to take care of this chakras.

6. Ajna chakra: This chakra is located in between our eyes. It helps to fortify our nervous system as well as endocrine system. Dark blue colour or purple colour are indicated by this chakra. Brinjal, grapes, plump, black tea or good food to help to nourish this chakra.

7. Grown chakra/Sahasrana chakra: Last but not the least. Grown chakra it is located in the brain or you can say at the tip of our nervous system. It helps to boost our metabolism. So if you want a weight reduction or weight gain this chakra should be strong. It also strengthens our whole CNS (Central Nervous System). It is important chakra and that’s why it called as grown chakra. Its colour is a mixture of dark purple, violet and white so if dominating colour is white so one must eat mushroom, garlic, ginger, onion, litchi and coconut water and coconut.
In all, a single line summary of the above literature is that include all colour food in your diet, stay happy, positive and stay healthy!
Balanced Food + Positive Thinking = Healthy Life.
(The author is Diet Consultant, Nagpur) l