His own producer!

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 25 Jul 2017 12:50:56


Actor Vivek Oberoi says if he stops getting interesting work, he will go ahead and produce his own films. Vivek, in his 15-year-long career, has seen both highs and lows.

The 40-year-old actor, however, says there was never a phase when he was upset about his career.
“I have never been a pessimist, I look forward to the future. I have a strong belief that tomorrow if I am not getting the kind of work I want to do, I will produce my own content,” Vivek told PTI.

“I am not the kind of guy who will woefully sit down on my fate and crib, I didn’t get this, this went wrong, I haven’t got my due. If I am not happy with what I am getting, I’ll make my own.”

“There are so many limitation in a traditional Bollywood films. I don’t think the kind of things I have done in the web series I would’ve been able to do in films. It could’ve been impossible to play that role in a film,” he says.

One thing which the actor is really thankful for, is that the digital space doesn’t have the trappings of box office and gives artiste creative freedom.

“When I did Saathiya, it was a tiny film, made on a minuscule budget of may be Rs 3 crore... Today if I had to to the film, the publicity budget alone would be Rs 10-12 crore. This is very inhibiting factor. A lot of good films don’t even make it to the screen because of this. And this is where these platforms are liberating. You are away from the whole circus of first day, second day collections. Now more about the numbers than the films.”