C’garhi film Industry is in struggling phase

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 28 Jul 2017 10:05:10


Shobhita Shrivastava, well known actress of Chhattisgarhi film and danseur never thought of becoming an actress initially. She was into modelling and as a trained classical dancer she had a confidence which paid off well. 

Shobhita says her father is her ideal, ‘I could not have been able to do anything without his support and guidance’. In face to face with Hemangi Shinde, Shobhita speaks about her life and vision.

I never ever dreamt of stepping into the dream world of acting. Initially I started my career as a dancer and eventually accepted everything that came my way. I did many Chattisgarhi video songs. Looking at my performance in those videos and my screen appearance I was invited to do a serial.

Shobhita got her first career break when she was in grade 9, and got a modelling offer. Later in grade 12 she was awarded the best female model of the year. In college she won the Miss University title, and then there was no looking back for her. However she has gone through many ups and downs in her life. She never considered any of the chance that came her way as inferior, and accepted every opportunity that knocked her door. She is a modern day women with a determination to bring in a change in the society for which she is committed to play her role

Q. You started your professional career much early in life, how was the beginning?
Ans. My journey started when I was in grade 9 and I got an offer for modelling but even before that I have been training in Kathak dance. I always aspired to be a good Kathak dancer. My destiny brought me many offers like modelling, fashion shows, bridal shows etc at a very early age. I gradually accepted whatever came my way, and this is how I started my professional career which later took me to acting.

Q. How did you become an actress, was it by choice or came accidentally as things had happened in your life and why do you feel this is the ideal profession for you?
Ans. I never ever dreamt of stepping into the dream world of acting. Initially I started my career as a dancer and eventually accepted everything that came my way. I did many Chattisgarhi video songs. Looking at my performance in those videos and my screen appearance I was invited to do a serial. My first serial Ravan was telecast by Zee. And my first Chhattisgarhi movie was Raghuveer.

Q. What scope do you see for Chhattisgarhi film industry?
Ans. The Chhattisgarhi film industry is in a struggling phase. We are technically very backward when compared to other main stream movies including regional the reason being less viewership for the Chhattisgarhi movies and lack of cinema halls.

Though there is no dearth of talent here but very few people show the courage to invest money in Chhattisgarhi film making. Moreover there is no support either from the state government. For any industry to grow there should be an affable climate and support from the viewers.
If the investors are sure of return for money they invest more and qualitatively superior and technically sound movies can be produced here. But talents are mostly exploited and not allowed to rise beyond the boundary.

Q. Who was your motivation?
Ans. I have great admiration for Madhuri Dixit since my childhood. I think I will spend my whole life dreaming to become like her. She has always been an ideal inspiration as she is very good dancer as well as a very good actor. I always felt a strong connection with her. Her dancing and acting skills will be admired by me in every stage of my life.

Q. What struggles you had gone through, that ultimately paid you in the long run?
Ans. I faced a very declining phase in my career when I met with an accident which spoilt my face I was fighting a battle of life and death. I was almost on the verge of losing my memory. All that I had achieved in past were gone in a flash. I got detached from the industry for a good one year. Starting again from the scratch was not that easy. But I think that was the only way how it all was supposed to happen, that phase of my life made me stronger to face even the worst in future, if at all it comes.

Q. How do you evaluate your success?
Ans. I don’t think I have yet achieved any. I still have a long way to travel. I do respect my journey till now, as I have been with this industry for long. But I still believe I have a lot to learn, many paths to discover and a long way to achieve the pinnacle of success.

Q. What better changes you can bring to this society through your profession?
Ans. I believe this profession automatically gives me the authority to influence people by the roles I play, characters I portray and stories I do. So I always try to opt for the roles which help me to bring changes in the perception of the viewers. I play a character on screen for few hours, but the story and the message from it remains in the mind of people for a comparatively longer period.

Q. Any event in your life which you think has changed your life entirely?
Ans. Over a period of time I have faced many life threatening accidents. As stated earlier, in one of the incident my face got spoilt and I refused plastic surgery. Because of the accident I was bed ridden for a year and even could not talk. I had almost lost all the hopes for going back to the film industry, but over a period of time I had a feeling that Lord Sai was taking all my plight, discomfort and pain on him. During my tough time I had kept an idol of Lord Sai in my room in which after some time I saw some changes, I noticed scratches on the same portion of the face of the idol where I had suffered injuries. For me it was rebirth only because of the blessings of Lord Sai.

Q. Any message for the young and struggling artists?
Ans. Never doubt yourself. Believe in yourself even if nobody else does. Only you know what your capabilities are, stand strong and fight for your passion. Never settle for the pre set conditions, mould the conditions according to you. Don’t ever settle for less.