‘Nag Panchami’ losing charm!

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 29 Jul 2017 11:46:57










Staff Reporter,


July 27,

‘Nag Panchami’ was celebrated with traditional fervour in some parts of the Steel city on Friday. But the celebration seems to have lost it charm as used to be earlier as much enthusiasm was not seen among the city denizens. Earlier many Snake Charmers were seen in city but now a day’s such charmers have almost vanished from the city areas.

Akhadas that used to be a part of this religious festival are also not held now. However steel city devotees who still have faith in Serpent God started  visiting temples of Lord Shiva since morning to pay obeisance and offer flowers. Mainly women members of the family wake up early in the morning and have shower. They adorn themselves in the best apparel and carried milk, honey, flowers to the nearby anthill (a snake’s abode) and Shiva temple and offered the victuals to the snake deity.

Explaining the significance of the festival, Pt Priyal Mishra said that Naga Panchami is celebrated in most parts of India. It is celebrated on Panchami in Shravan month. On this day, they worship Naga Devata (cobras). People go to temples and snake pits and worship the snakes. They offer milk and silver jewellery to the cobras to get protection from all evils. They also fast. This festival is to celebrate the day when Lord Krishna defeated the serpent Kalia. On this day swings are put up and people enjoy themselves. The married women visit their parents during this occasion.”