‘Save Tiger Mission is possible with existence of critters’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 29 Jul 2017 11:34:08

By Pran Chadha,


July 28,

“Save Tiger Mission is possible only if there are critters and creatures such as butterfly, bumblebees, and honeybees. Tiger may be at the top of food chain, but every creature is an important link in the food chain,” noted Environmentalist and wildlife conservationist Pran Chadha expressed his views on the International Tiger Day. A noted figure in the community of wildlife conservationists, Pran Chadha has tons of experience in studying the wild creatures, particularly, tigers in the Tiger Reserves of Chhattisgarh.

Elaborating further Chadha explained these insects and flies carry pollen grains from one flower to another, performing the imperative pollination, which then results in formation fruits and seeds. This is how the cycle of vegetation is running since forever. If these insects and flying critters cease to exist, there will be no pollination and the result will be harrowing with 80 percent vegetation disappearing from the planet.The chain of biodiversity will snap and all the projects of tiger conservation will go kaput.

On the Tiger Day, we must think if we are abusing the insecticides and causing hormonal side effects on these important insects. We must not use insecticides without the expert advice. We must pledge to protect these tiny creatures and add them to the list of animals to save on the Tiger Day.