38 snakes caught from different areas due to alertness of forest officers

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 29 Jul 2017 11:05:42

Staff Reporter,

Due to alertness of forest officers and people, on the occasion of Nagpanchmi, 38 snakes were caught by the forest officers and common people also. All these snakes under which 26 were Nag, 10 were Panial, 1 was Dhaman and 1 Arthpua. All these snakes caught from the snake charmers, on Friday from different areas were kept in special enclosure at Van Vihar. The forest doctor deputed at Van Vihar will perform medical examination of these snakes to find whether their poison has been drawn, they are sick or well.

However, a senior forest officer thought the number of snakes caught from the snake charmers on Nagpanchmi. Many might have been left of monitoring track. But the forest officers are happy of having good awareness among the people about not using snakes for commercial purpose or detaining them illegally. They hope of catching snakes from snake charmers in maximum numbers the next day, saying the people are becoming aware of it.

Local forest officer and employees were moving in different areas, the call centre was also established to get information about the snakes and snake charmers. Many teams of forest officers and employees were formed as they get information they reach the spot to catch snake charmer and snatch snakes from them. The Government fined some snake charmers for illegally carrying snakes for commercial purpose.

It is learnt that some snake charmers following instructions of Government, carried the plastic or wooden snakes in some areas, the women worshiped it.Those who caught snakes except the forest officers’ teams include Swati Gore, Ayan, Shahid Ali, Malviya, Batham and others. Savita Rajora, Director, Van Vihar told ‘The Hitavada’ that 38 snakes, caught by the forest officers’ teams and locals were kept in Van Vihar’s special enclosure. Their medical examination will be on Saturday. Next year, the efforts were made more to have maximum snakes in Government net, she said.