Dumping The Corrupt

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 29 Jul 2017 09:27:36


By Vijay phanshikar

Lalu Yadav is not the issue; he is only a symbolism that needs to be  discarded by all of us. What is special about the latest developments in Patna is that Mr. Nitish Kumar and Mr. Sushil Modi have shown us how we can start dumping the people of proven immorality, proven dirty track-record.


Nitish dumps Lalu; goes with BJP -Newspaper headline

IT IS time the nation started witnessing more such scenes in politics in which corruption has been a watchword. It is time the nation’s political community started dumping and discarding the corrupt in favour of cleaner and leaner politics so that the people, the ultimate sovereigns, get the true benefit of development-oriented politics. It is time, the nation’s electorate learned to reject outright the corrupt elements -- as a matter of courage and conviction. It is time we started respecting the political masterstroke delivered by Bihar Chief Minister Mr. Nitish Kumar in partnership of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led in the State by Mr. Sushil Modi.

Mahatma Gandhi had talked of ‘politics without principles’ as one of the seven cardinal sins. Though everybody gave much lip-service to those seven cardinal sins, nobody actually followed those in practice. Even as the common people crib about the situation’s banality, they had no option, or so they felt, but to keep going along with the likes of Lalu Prasad Yadav whose brazen indulgence in corruption has been a talk of the nation for all these decades.

Of course, it may be too difficult and too ambitious to expect a total weeding out of corruption from the Indian system. Yet everybody believes firmly that its extent can be reduced so much so that Indian society would start enjoying a heavenly harmony. For, as we all know, it is corruption that has bogged then larger Indian society down. Hence the need, now, of establishment of the rule of the law and the rule of corruption-free governance.

Limiting the discourse only to Bihar for the present, we must admit that before Mr. Nitish Kumar made the smart move, no one could ever think of any such possibility. But Mr. Nitish Kumar made the bold move, took a tough step, and invited the Bharatiya Janata Party to chip in. Even as all smarted under the masterstroke, he had crafted it correctly.

For too long a time, Indian politics was nothing but a hotbed of corruption, a sanctuary for the unprincipled, a breeding ground for the uncouth, a laboratory that perfected the science of corruption. For too long a time, Indian politics did prove the maxim that ‘politics is the last resort of scoundrels’. No principle, no ethical thought, no right kind of logic seemed to work there. And so, common people had long concluded that politics meant corruption and nepotism and ugly oneupmanship.

So badly ingrained had this thought got in the collective Indian psyche that those who recalled ‘politics without principles’, as proposed by Gandhiji, as a cardinal sin, were often called sentimental fools and naive juveniles. Talk of anything sublime -- in politics -- was considered an anathema.

Of course, the nation did see many moments of sublime resolve to finish corruption, and thanked its stars for it. The nation saw the emergence of Mr. Narendra Modi as a national icon in its fight against graft. The nation also had seen emergence of Mr. Jai Prakash(JP) Narain as a new hope in favour of corruption-free India as he released his vision of Total Revolution. And when the nation dumped Mrs. Indira Gandhi in 1977 election, in response to JP’s call, most people had heaved a sigh of relief.

But then came another stroke of misfortune -- the nation saw Mrs. Indira Gandhi getting re-elected just three years after she was defeated. That was one moment when JP’s vision was defeated -- not by Mrs. Indira Gandhi, but by his own disciples, both Mr. Nitish Kumar and Mr. Lalu Prasad being among them. But then, that was nothing new for the country. For, if Gandhiji’s own followers could dump him -- that is his principles, then why not expect something similar from JP’s disciples!

Such moments came as debilitating blows to the nation’s naive belief that corruption could be fought and defeated. The people realised that those were the moments of the nation’s collective misfortune, nation’s failed tryst with Destiny, nation’s frustration of a sublime hope.  But may the bygones be bygone. May there be a new dawn that would see the backs of the corrupt elements such as Lalu Prasad Yadav and the likes. May there come a moment when the political community seriously started dumping and discarding of the corrupt elements. May all of us get the indications that that moment heralding new times has arrived.

Lalu Prasad Yadav, as a person, is not the issue per se. The issue is if we discard corrupt elements, may they belong to any party or group or ideology. The issue is if we started recognising what Gandhiji described as seven cardinal sins. The issue is if we, as a nation, start recognising the strong need to build a society that does not tolerate corruption. The concept of not tolerating corruption, of course, means not tolerating even the people who love to indulge in corruption of any kind -- political, social, financial, moral, and spiritual. It means we started rejected all those elements -- persons or politics or profit (that came from trampling down of ethical principles and ideals).

This process of dumping and discarding of the corrupt is, of course, not easy or short. It is a long-drawn, hard-fought, and frustrating at times. Yet, we will have to undertake it, and ensure that the corrupt get no consolation or solace whatsoever in our system. Thus, we will have to evolve and develop a fundamental hatred and intolerance for corruption. Looking at the overall scene from the perspective of the latest developments in Patna, we must admit that something truly good has happened. For, how can we deny this beautiful reality!

Again, Lalu Yadav is not the issue; he is only a symbolism that needs to be discarded by us. What is special about the latest developments in Patna is that Mr. Nitish Kumar and Mr. Sushil Modi have shown us how we can start dumping the people of proven immorality, proven dirty track-record.
This is, of course, not an easy process. The nation will have to wage a long-drawn war against such tendencies and elements. But then, it is worth all the trouble, much necessary for the Indian nation. May that happen. Amen!