Source: The Hitavada      Date: 29 Jul 2017 09:31:06

GLOBAL terror outfit Al Qaeda has thrown a new challenge to the Indian security forces by officially announcing the setting up of its unit in Jammu and Kashmir. While making this announcement recently, the terror outfit, which planned and orchestrated terror attacks on the United States a few years ago, has said that it will take revenge of the terror mastermind Burhan Wani’s “martyrdom” and liberate Kashmir.And for them jihad by gun-wielding mercineries was the only means to achieve that goal. Having been crushed by the allied forces led by the United States in its base in Afghanistan and eliminated its founder Osama bin Laden, Al Qaeda is trying to seek new sphere of operations and it thinks Kashmir to be easily accessible target.

The Indian security forces will no doubt be stretched. But their relentless fight against Pakistan-sponsored terrorism has shown that they are well prepared to meet any challenge that various terror outfits may throw. While the security forces have been dealing with the terror being exported from Pakistan with aplomb, dealing with home-grown terror becomes tricky as delicate issues like human rights violations often act as deterrent for security forces to go after domestic terror modules whole hog.

Various terror outfits are taking advantage of this tricky situation that the Indian security forces find themselves in as the matter is used as a propaganda tool against them and the Indian Government. In spite of this tricky situation the security forces have acted with alacrity in dealing with the various methods being used by the terror outfits, like using young children as stone pelters to keep the pot boiling in Jammu and Kashmir. The National Investigation Agency’s (NIA) recent crackdown on Kashmir-based separatist outfits and revelation of their source of funding through hawala route, is a clear pointer to the Government’s resolve to push hard its drive against terror, whether homegrown or being exported from Pakistan.

While Pakistan plays its own political game by using terror as a policy tool against India, terror network like the Al Qaeda is not the only outfit to expand their bases in India. The Islamic State is another of them which hopes to strike roots in India through the Kashmir route. These outfits are using technologies, including social media, internet and other modern communication gadgets to entice vulnerable youngsters and brainwash them to join the path of jehad. Terror outfits like the Al Qaeda and IS, having been effectively dealt a deadly blows to their ambitions to spread their influence to wider areas in Syria and Iraq, have now set their eyes on the countries of the sub-continent like Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Afghanistan.

Hitherto it was in the realm of speculation that Al Qaeda was making inroads in Kashmir. By announcing the appointment of Buhran Wani’s close aide Zakir Musa, the terror group has officially announced its presence in Kashmir, assuming the name of Ansar Ghawzat-ul-Hind. So the security forces have the identity of the new entrant to the terror menace in Kashmir. This should enable them to identify them and go after them.

Since there is hardly any possibility of Pakistan cooperating in containing the likely spread of these dreaded global terror groups, India, Afghanistan and Bangladesh will have to make a common cause and open a joint front to contain this menace. As of now India is fighting a lonely battle while dealing with Pakistan-sponsored terrorism. But other neighbouring countries should be under no illusion that they will remain unaffected by what the so called jehadists are seeking to do to the region. The recent experience of Iraq and Syria is too gory and reprehensible to require any reminder. If nations in the sub-continent wish to avoid that possibility they must join hands.