Non-functional elevator at Collectorate FOB causing problem for disabled

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 29 Jul 2017 11:10:46

By Pallavi Singh,

Collectorate which is considered to be the centre of a district sees large crowd movement every day, especially on days of public hearing. A foot over bridge has also been constructed at Collectorate, Koh-e-fiza road which has an elevator/lift to make it convenient for people crossing the road at any time of the day. But the lift that has been fitted in the FOB is non functional for a long time. People who can walk on foot cross the FOB but persons with disability, who visit Collectorate with their complaints and applications face problems due to this non functional lift. Not just the disabled, the elderly who visit Collectorate also get a hard time while crossing the road.

Foot-over bridges are constructed to facilitate road safety, so that commuters and pedestrians can cross road safely. But the FOB at Collectorate has become much of a risk. The FOB goes over the BRTS corridor, so the scope of crossing road without using FOB is not possible. For a differently-abled person it is impossible to reach the Collectorate in absence of a functional elevator and it is a known fact that many persons with disability visit Collectorate with their applications on the day of Public Hearing. On one hand the public hearing for them is specially organised on the ground floor, where the Collector receives to their complaints and on the other such major neglect can be seen on part of authorities.

The FOB does not even have an escalator to solve some of the problem. From BMC to BCLL, while the departments are busy in passing the buck on each other, the problem remains intact. Accessibility expert from Arushi Bhopal, Anil Mudgal, while expressing his concern on the issue said, “It is another example of insensitivity on part of authorities for disabled. Once something goes out of order it remains that way for a very long time. Ramps should be constructed which are hardly to be seen anywhere, which only displays the neglect. In big cities like Delhi and Mumbai there are ramps at every given place, which is lacking in our city. If not making anything new, they should at least maintain what has already been constructed.”

Not just the disabled, elderly people coming to Collectorate also face the problem in absence of non-functional elevator. 67-year-old Khemu Ali, who came at Collectorate with his application said, “In this age it is hard to climb stairs but I do not have any other option. Even if I will try to use the road I will have to jump through the BRTS corridor, which is impossible for me and very risky too. The authorities should do something for people like us who suffer due to their neglect.” While the subordinates were busy in passing the responsibility on other departments, Collector Sudam Khade when contacted regarding the issue said, “We will definitely look in to the matter now that I have been apprised regarding it.”