‘Inculcating morals can transform an individual’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Jul 2017 15:09:07


Staff Reporter,

Spiritual awakening is needed for a person to fight with all obstacles in life. Violence is not the solution to fight with difficulties, but inculcating morals could help to transform an individual, said Justice Vangala Eshwaraiah, chairperson, National commission for backward classes; former Chief Justice of High Court of Andhra Pradesh on the other day at Brahmakumaris, 8-A, Indraprastha Bhavan, Vasant Nagar, Neeri Road, near Deekshabhoomi. Justice V Eshwaraiah was delivering a talk on Spiritual Awakening for Judicial Reforms. Dr Baban Taiwade, Principal, Dhanwate National College also graced the occasion.

Justice Eshwaraiah stated that a person himself has been thinking as a physical body. But the physical body has been a constitution of five elements. The supreme consciousness or divine soul has been the driving force for the body. A person has become slave of his own senses and could not able to take any decision in life. This is the reason a lot of negative activities and incidences of violence have been witnessed in society. Even judiciary is not free from these negative forces, he added. Justice Eshwaraiah illustrated an example of Dacoit Panchamsingh.

The dangerous dacoit Panchamsingh got transformed into Brahmakumar Panchamsingh. When Brahma Kumaris could transform a dacoit in prison, then any person could gets transformed in life. It is needed to identify self and get united with supreme soul, he added. Dr Baban Taiwade and Adv Purshottam Patil, Vice President of High Court Bar Association also spoke on this occasion. Sanjay Pannase made introductory remarks.

BK Manisha Didi welcomed the guests. BK Nilima Behan conducted the proceedings and BK Premprakash Bhai proposed a vote of thanks.