Sales is science and not an art: Chetan Kohli

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Jul 2017 11:24:18


By Praveen Vighre,

SALES was personalised, while marketing was for group, said Chetan Kohli of Jinactus, who is having a sales experience of more than two decades. He was speaking at theTiE Nagpur’sThe Impact Series 2017 on the topic ‘Sales Innovation’, on Saturday at Chitnavis Centre. Kohli further added that sales was a systematic process of repetitive
and measurable milestone. While, according to him, marketing was the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customers’ requirements.

He defined business developmentas the process of understanding customers’ requirements, especially unmet andwishlist requirements and then creating the product/service to fulfil them. “Sales is Science and not an art,” Kohli said. He elaborated with
product lifecycle stages. “For start-ups, it is necessary to first
define the product and market it. One must create business model, prepare his business plan, maintain growth, raise capital, create his brand or product,”
Kohli further said.

He also advised that at initial growth, one must capture the
market share, launch differentiated products, growing repeat customers, expand channels and
revenues, expand management team, train employees, start investing for the second stage of growth.
Sharing his experience of starting his career with a manufacturing
industry and then shifting towards the IT industry, Kohli said: “Market penetration, new products for existing customers,
alternative channels, diversification, integrative growth practice are necessary.” “Generate demand and do it
profitably”, for which one must have a top notch sales team. “To implement a sales process, a top
notch sales team/own or outsourced is necessary.

Invest in lead generation, have the right
sales tools, make alliance for market outreach,” Kohli said. He also explained the lead funnel and sales cycle. He noted that
in many cases a star sales person could not be a good manager and at times an average sales guy
might turn out to be a good manager, which one must know about his team. He said: “Define your
value, proposition, build brand identity and increase the value of your products/services.

Value of product/service increases when you deliver what customer wants and needs.” He also explained the mega trends like technology and demographic dividend. “One must keep a watch on outside changes also,” he said. Giving his valuable tips, Kohli noted, “one must know a person before he meets him”.

He also explained the use of social media to create communication and to educate customers. He was introduced by Shashikant Choudhary, President, TiE Nagpur. Also present were Jai Chopde, Kamlesh Daga, Milind Chittarwar, all charter members. Chenali Bisen and Sanket Bhatt worked hard for the success of the event. A large number of professionals and businessmen attended the programme.