Crane-laden truck overturns, affects traffic

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 30 Jul 2017 10:02:51


Staff Reporter RAIPUR, 

A CRANE carrier truck over turned at ring road number one while over-taking on Saturday morning. None injured in the incident. As per information received from Tikrapara police the incident took place at about 10:30 am when at truck driver was trying to over take another vehicle, after the driver lost control over the vehicle the truck jumped the road divider and over turned.

The cabin of truck got separated from the trailer due to sudden jerk as the coupling of the truck got opened and the trailer loaded with a brand new crane over turned. The driver and cleaners were safe in the separated cabin which rolled on the other side of the track.

The over turned trailer was suspending between the road divider and major part of the trailer was lying on the road which affected the movement of heavy traffic. Due to the impact of the accident the new crane which was loaded over the trailer was damaged and hydraulic oil spread over the road. Traffic was restored only after the crane was taken off the trailer and by the evening the track was cleared. As the crane loaded was too heavy the traffic department took time to arrange for a heavy crane supplied by the owner of the vehicle.

The crane was loaded at Rourkela and was to be delivered at Bhilai. On the complaint of Bharat Kumar Netam of Highway Patrolling police filed FIR under Section 279 of Indian Penal Code for carelessly driving against the driver. Police arrested Mohammed Amjad of Bhilai, for carelessly driving the vehicle.