Research won’t be mustfor promotion of collegeteachers: Javadekar

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 30 Jul 2017 09:33:16



COLLEGE teachers will no longer bemandated to conduct research to be eligible for promotions but wouldbe requiredtobe engaged more in community activities with students. This announcement was made by Union HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar on Saturday at a two day national conference on higher education perspective in India.

“We are going to do away with themandatoryclauseofresearch for college teachers to get their promotions. An official announcementinthisregardwill follow soon”. “Instead of that, I want teachers to be engaged in studentactivity.

Wewillmakeone community activity or student activity mandatory and teachers willbegiventheir scoresonbasis of that,” Javadekar said. Making changes in the Academic Performance Index (API),a criterion on whichteachersgettheirpromotions,theHRD Ministry is working on a plan to make research optional for college teachers.

“Currently college teachers are also required to do research activity to gettheir promotions, justlikeuniversityprofessors. “A college teacher should be mainlyengagedinteaching.When we made research compulsory, research stopped completely. Conducting research just for the sake(ofit)istakingdownthequality of research,” Javadekar said. University teachers who are supposedtoteachthepost graduatestudentsorguideMPhiland PhD scholars will be required to engage in research, he said.