With own T-90 tanks, Indian Army participates in Tank Biathlon-2017

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 30 Jul 2017 09:52:15


Staff Reporter NAGPUR, 

FOR the first time, the Indian Army team is participating with own T-90 tanks, in the prestigious international event The TankBiathlon-2017competition conducted as part of the International Army Games held every year since 2013 at Alabino Ranges, Russia. The Indian Army team has been participating in the competition for the past three years since 2014.

The teamstoodsixth in the previous year out of 17 countries that had participated in the event held in July 2016. This year, for the first time, the team is participating with own T-90 tanks shipped to Russia. The T-90 tanks reached Russia by sea and the team moved to Russia on July 20 for participatinginTankBiathloncompetition from July 29 to August 12.

The Indian Army team has beenselectedthrougharigorous selection process on the basis of technical expertise, physical fitness, mental endurance, and consistency in accuracy of firing the tank weapons while driving thetanks througha replicaofthe original circuit in Russia, at Babina Field Firing Ranges in Central India. To achieve a fine blend of equipment performance and crew expertise, training has been imparted to the team over a period of three months.Thetrainingcurriculum has been formulated in a scientific manner bringing out the man-and-machine combination. International Army Games involve 28 events organised in five countries namely Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan,Kazakhstan, and China.

Atotal of 19 countries including China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Israel, and South Africa will showcase their prowess, skills and endurance on the tanks in this prestigious event this year. The competition involves firing of tanks on the move by conventional machine guns and antitank projectiles at a range oftwo kilometres, whilst negotiating rugged obstacles.

The competition simulates actual battlefield conditions involving driving at high speed and entails switching from one mode of operation to another at a fast pace, which requires mental mobility and exceptional level of physical fitness and training. Russian Military is credited withdevelopingthemechanized military sport with some kind of similarities to the sports event biathlon.

Itinvolvescompetitions between tank crews as they participate in pursuit, individual races, and sprints etc. Thetankcrewmembersalsoparticipate in events like long-distance running races and obstacle courses. It may be mentioned here that all teams usually use Russian T- 72tanksforthebiathlon.However, the Chinese crews use their own T-96 tanks. This year, India also is participating with its own tanks