SMMCA Alumni Association organises symposium

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 31 Jul 2017 09:37:32


Staff Reporter

The Alumni Association of Smt Manoramabai Mundle College of Architecture (SMMCA), Seminary Hills, organised a symposium recently to provide a creative look to present-day students. A panel discussion on the topic ‘Transition
To Another Dimension’ was held as a part of its year-long silver jubilee celebrations.

The alumni members, who have carved a niche for themselves in professions other than architecture, participated as panelists. Sonal Fuke, Farzana Jeevaji, Ashwini Lothe, and Sapna Vastani were the panelists. Each one of them shared their experiences. They shared their success story and also elaborated on how education in Architecture helped them groom themselves for their successful transition in another dimension.

Sonal Fuke is owner of Toddler Creed Pre-School. She showed her dedication towards teaching, and focussed on need for team spirit in moulding the career of toddlers. She said that her education in M. Arch. at SMMCA contributed greatly in opening the school.

Farzana Jeevaji, owner of a travel company The Wanderers, worked as an Architect at Nagpur, Dubai, and Mumbai. Later, her passion for learning about world culture and Architecture led her into travel industry. Ashwini Lothe, a practising Architect, is a prolific writer too.

The art of detailing and expression skills acquired during college days helped her choose the path less travelled, she said. Sapna Vastani, whose family owns Dass Jewellers, designs jewellery for her company. She is an animal lover and also authority in organic farming. She has done graphic designing at prestigious sites and places.
To mark the occasion, a basketball match also was organised between members of the Alumni Association and the present-day students.

The winner team was awarded a trophy at the hands of Prof Vidya Singh, Mentor, Alumni Association. Dr Sampada Peshwe, Prof Medha, Prof Anuradha, and other teachers; Alumni Association members and students were present during the match. Rizwana Raza, President, Alumni Association; Kekti Patil, Secretary, with the help of Students’ Council took great pains to make the symposium and basketball match successful.

Dr Ujwala Chakradeo, Principal, SMMCA, rendered valuable leadership, guidance and support in organising the events successful, informs a press release.