Sauropod from Sironcha in Kolkata museum

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 31 Jul 2017 10:09:55


A huge skeleton of Sauropod found in Pochampalli village in Sironcha dating back 186 million years has been displayed at Geology Museum, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. The height of the dinosaur specie is 3 metres and length of the skeleton is 18 metres, having a weight of 13-25 tons, informed S V Madbhushi, Divisional Forest Officer (Eco-tourism).

The specialists observed that fossil logs at Wadadam represent a petrified forest of Jurassic era - Jurassic Fossil Forest. It is significant that in the adjoining locality at Kotapalli they observed presence of fossilised skeletal remains of dinosaurs at the same stratigraphic level indicating that these tall gymnosperm trees and dinosaurs (early Sauropods - giant, quadrupedal herbivores) co-existed during the Jurassic time in the Pranhita-Godavari valley that presently occupy part of Maharashtra and adjoining Andhra Pradesh. They feel, if excavation of dinosaur fossils at Kotaplli is arranged then the exercise may yield fossils of importance and can provide more information on their paleobiology and habitat.