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Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Jul 2017 11:43:35


By dr rachanaa datey

In our country, a large number of students from various universities are facing the crucial problem of choosing a career path. All of them have one or other ambition, and to fulfill these, the students chase a trail which comprises of multiple perplexing twists and turns. This all actually starts from the era of pre high school study, where scoring high percentile seems to be a child’s play but the diehard and unpleasant realities of the post high school period creeps in silently. Now comes the period in a student’s life when studying for getting admission in good reputed college and rushing to join a coaching becomes a routine as well as a matter of debate for all people around them. This ultimately pops out as a daunting predicament. This story continues till the master’s degree and many a times even further.

Main crux of this is, many students compromise on their goals and desires, and thus they end up by opting a career which was never meant for them, neither do that career provides them a feeling of pride, accomplishment and pleasure.
I would take my own example. As a child, I was always fascinated towards being a teacher, I had blackboard, chalks, register which I converted into attendance register of students After some years ,I wanted to be an English news reader, as my voice quality was very good as well as pronunciations.

In the years to come my career options kept on changing from Airhostess, Banker, Dress designer and what not. People would tell me to take up modeling as a career option or looking at my creative side they would suggest me to start my own handmade craft shop.

However, it was not until my standard 10th final exam that career anxiety really hit me hard. I had junior college applications to be filled up in coming months. Now it was a high time to choose one and more importantly choose it wisely as next few years have to be dedicated to study the same stream of knowledge.

It was really very confusing – teacher, banker, news reader, creative designer or something else. I finally thought that commerce and finance studies were the right fields to gratify my analytical and creative mind. It was chosen taking into consideration various aspects such as basic interest, study time requirements, time for my other hobbies and interest has to be taken care of, output in form of my result, and unlimited career options available after perusing master’s degree. This process was full of dilemma and it has taken a while for me to decide.

This dilemma and career related confusion can happen at any age. In this article I am focusing on career related confusion among students. It is the responsibility of teachers to guide the students, so that they could shine opting out their career path. Here are some tips which teachers /mentors can use to help out the confused students.

Help students to understand why to select a particular stream of education?
This will help the students to ponder upon their interest and scrutinise the opportunities in that particular field. Ask them to question themselves, “Will they really enjoy what they are going to study” It does happen with many of the students that under parental guidance, peer pressure, an assumed future life or simply because of market demands of today, they take up a particular course. Guide them to choose the course of their choice not of others. The subject in which they are good and passionate to learn more about it. Right course is very important to pursue the dream career.

Clear webs of confusion
These days the students seems to be always confused. They have too much of unnecessary information, in other words, we can say this generation gather lot of unwanted inputs which forms the base for confusion. Numerous career options are also one of the reasons for confusion. Most importantly they lack self-knowledge, maturity, growth, and many a times intelligence too. It is necessary to clear the webs of confusion and help them to find themselves. Make them believe in themselves. It is all about reminding them about their strengths and weaknesses (on which they can work upon), their knowledge content and intelligence. Thus after clearing the cobweb of confusion they can focus and concentrate on choosing the best career path available which is of their own interest.

They can further cash on the avenues connected with it. Tell students to keep career confusions at bay with these inputs –
l Firstly, they should think sensibly regarding choosing their specialization subjectsl Secondly ,time management is very crucial l Lastly, they should not overburden themselves with various thoughts.

Guide students towards planning career
Career planning should not be mistaken as one time activity that is to be done once — in high school or college, but it is a continuous process. Consider it as an ongoing process that helps individual manage their learning, knowledge and development. It should be done on regular basis as it helps any individual to move forward in careers path. Decide which step is appropriate for you right now and start from there. It is never too soon or too late to start planning your career, but remember –’The sooner the better’. Once the students start taking the things seriously and begin reviewing regularly, they will find themselves better equipped for whatever lies ahead in their career path.

The way out of confused mind - Develop the right mindset
The students should have a right mindset .There is foremost requirement for clearing out the clouds of confusion. As academicians/mentors we have the responsibility to help them out of their confusion and indicate them the right track. We have to take the initiative to help them develop the right mindset. It is really crucial to succeed in anything. They should be equipped in such a way that, they have gut feeling and no confusion is created .The students should develop an intuitive feeling that they have choosen a right path of career. Mindset develops with correct knowledge. Train them how to receive and react to any information.

Make students believe in themselves
Beliefs and thoughts are very significant. It helps individuals to filter the received information and accumulate it in the form of knowledge. It has to be made clear to these youths that, they need to be very attentive towards their thoughts and understand ;if they have any self-limiting believes. If they have any, help them to take proactive action against it.This way they will feel confident and will start believing more in themselves.

Importance of values, morals an ethics
C.S.Lewis has rightly quoted “Education without values makes man a clever devil.” It is far more important that ,this generation should be seasoned in such a way that while choosing the career path they need to take care of values, morals and ethics in consideration. It is our ardent task to make them understand the human values, morals and be always ethical while choosing their future. It has to be cultivated in their mind that, they are born to do what is right and not what is easy.

As a concluding remark, I will suggest the future generation of our country that, career is not only about making money but it is about pursuing the very essence of life. Pursue what your heart tells you to do. Take up a career which does not kill your hobbies. Turn your dreams into plans and plans into actions. No matter whatever career you choose, be honest and be yourself, rest all will definitely follow.

(The author is Founder-Director Quest Edustation and can be reached at [email protected])