Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Jul 2017 11:39:57

PRIME Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s advice to the newly recruited IAS officers to bring in a change in the administrative system by showing boldness, though praiseworthy, should be taken with a pinch of salt. Bureaucrats function within the socio-political framework. They thus face pulls and pressure from both the sides, making it difficult for them to please all. Those, whose interests are affected by the decision taken by the bureaucrat, try to make life miserable for the concerned officer. Besides, bureaucrats are supposed to implement the decisions taken by the Government. Often, they are pressurised to bend rules by those in power. And the officers who refuse to oblige are victimised. It is like a tightrope walk for the bureaucrats all the time. Under these circumstances how can IAS officers be expected to show boldness? Bureaucrats will show boldness only when there is no meddling by politicians and others in their working. Political class will have to stand behind upright bureaucrats like a rock and protect them for showing boldness in their decision-making.


LIKE the automobile sector, the transport sector too would wholeheartedly welcome the advent of one-nation-one-tax in the form of the Goods and Services Tax (GST). The good news for this sector along with the business community is that as many as 22 states have abolished the octroi posts with immediate effect. This has been a long standing demand from the transport trade as the octroi post presented a huge bottleneck in the smooth movement of goods across the country as goods carriers had to spend hours and even days to get tax clearance from the octroi post. Riddled with corruption, these octroi posts caused a big harassment to the transporters. Apart from this, long detention at the octroi posts entailed huge wastage of fuel. With the abolition of octroi in the wake of the introduction of GST civic bodies may feel the loss of a major source of their revenue. But provisions have been made in the GST to compensate them. It is, however, certain that implementation of GST would ensure transportation of goods to gain momentum all across the country.