Excellent quality natural, A2 milk from Murthy Farms

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Jul 2017 09:45:19


Business Bureau,

MURTHY Farms is supplying cow’s natural (organic) whole milk which has also been certified as A2 milk. Presently, they supply to around 300 health and quality conscious consumers of the city. As the milk is fresh, natural and unpasteurized (whole), customers like its natural taste. No fat is removed from the milk. From this whole milk, products like curds, butter, ghee etc., can be prepared in a wholesome manner. The basic concept of Murthy Farms is to first take utmost care of the cows with affection, treat them kindly and take good care of their needs.

At Murthy Farms, natural feeds are used and a balanced mix of nutrients is prepared in-house. Cows enjoy such fodder, leading to a good quality milk. Artificial hormones are never used to increase the milk yield at Murthy Farms. They produces green fodder using advanced hydroponics technology. Green fodder is produced by using this technology without use of soil or chemical fertilisers.
A state-of-the art, very hygienic cow shed has been constructed to house milking animals.

This makes them comfortable, hygienic and disease free. Coolers and mist-forgers are used during summer months to keep the atmosphere cool and to provide comfort and healthy environment. Murthy Farms ensures a minimum of 4 per cent fat and 8 per cent of solid not fat in its cow’s whole milk. Murthy Farms whole milk is available at Rs 68.10 a litre.

Murthy Farms cow’s natural whole milk is available presently at all major localities/areas in city. Milk is delivered at the doorsteps of customers by smart, courteous delivery boys during early hours of the day. Interested, may contact on 91 9657728164 (Vishal), 91 9689936990 (Rupesh).