‘Education must make students responsible persons’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Jul 2017 09:24:25


By Praveen Vighre,

Modern education system is only creating professionals running behind materialistic gains, said Dr Nayeem Khan, Director of Iqra International School while talking to The Hitavada. Dr Khan, who has done MBBS, DMRE and a Radiologist by profession, took dive into the education field to pay back to the society.

“We professional friends like doctors and engineers thought we should make the students aware about the happenings taking place around the globe. Educate, sensitise and nurture them to become responsible assets of the nation,” he said.

Elaborating the four letter word ‘IQRA,’he said, it forms the basis of education, learning, growth, development and innovation. “That is precisely what Iqra International School is all about. The school aims at providing quality education which is not limited to books but how to live a good life. Family values, self respect, humility, high moral and exemplary ethics which in this competitive age seems to have taken a back seat. We aim at preparing GenNext through academic excellence, character building, patriotism and personality development to climb the ladder of success,” Dr Khan noted.

The school does not have casual approach towards students. Nagpur experiences extreme heat, which has negative impact on the intellect and physical activity of a student.. The class-rooms of the school are air-conditioned to improve comfort level and academic performance. “Nutrition is also paid special attention, unhealthy eating habits and unhealthy foods are strongly discouraged within the school,” he said.Some of the highlights of the school include the batch size of every class is 25 to 30 students. The compulsory first language of communication in the school is English. Hindi and Marathi being the other two languages with basics of Arabic too.

The school follows State Board education pattern but also takes extra efforts to match its students with standards of CBSE and international standards. Along with academic content, the curriculum is also adorned with arts and craft, computers, sports, science exhibitions, projects and three to four educational and fun excursions per session. For overall development of the students, school imparts best training in horse riding, archery, skating, badminton, martial arts etc.

He said, “The school is run by local body by following the standards of Iqra International. We want to excel and extend our school upto junior college in the coming days.”