NMC ignoring health issues of MIDC Hingna workforce: MIA

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Jul 2017 09:22:05


Business Bureau

Entrepreneurs in MIDC Hingna have charged the civic body with completely ignoring the needs of industries and blamed it with supplying contaminated water from Ambazari lake. The water quality is so poor that it has already created a major health hazard for people working in MIDC, charged MIDC Industries Association (MIA).

THE MIDC Hingna is totally dependent on Ambazari lake for drinking and usable water. This lake falls in MIDC area and the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is charging Rs 2.25 crore to Rs 2.50 crore per annum from MIDC for supply of the required water for MIDC, Hingna.

It seems that there is no control of the NMC over the Ambazari Lake, as animals are being washed, people take bath, wash their clothes and utensils, MIA claimed. Whereas the Gorewada lake, which caters the requirement of water to the city, is totally well-maintained and controlled by NMC for a smooth supply of water to the city and nobody is permitted to go near the lake. Why this discrimination, they sought to know while alleging step-motherly treatment.

There is also a ‘nullah’, which carries sewage and garbage and various other wastes of chemicals and oils from Wadi area. This ‘nullah’ is also called as the origin of Nag river, because around two centuries ago a stream was originating from the Lava hillock, but with heavy development on both the sides of the so called river, the river has deteriorated into a huge ‘nullah’ which finally merges in Ambazari lake.
The NMC never thought of providing a sewage treatment plant (STP) on this ‘nullah’. It is ignoring the health issues of 30,000 workforce of MIDC, Hingna. The issue of STP was brought to the notice of Chief Minister, Devendra Fadnavis. Taking the issue seriously, he sanctioned the STP at the merger point of Ambazari lake.

It is believed that the task of constructing the STP was given to the Wadi Municipal Council. The delegation of MIDC Industries Association (MIA) contacted the Chief Officer (CO) of the Wadi Municipal Council frequently. The MIA received a reply that the file was lying with the concerned ministry for sanction and execution work of the STP at the merger point of Ambazari Lake. The CO is not sure when the STP would be a reality.

The said lake was constructed in 1870 by the rulers Bhonsales. Drinking water to the city was supplied for about 30 years from the Ambazari lake. This supply was stopped abruptly due to high pollution. However, the NMC has resumed the supply to MIDC Hingna with a hefty price.
The MIDC has a water treatment plant and it is taking utmost care to purify the water before supplying but due to continuous supply of discharge of garbage and sewage, it becomes helpless specially during the month of May and June when the water level is minimum.

The MIA hopes that it is high time that the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) and the NMC jointly take efforts to protect the lake to save the health of workforce in the MIDC Hingna, informs a press release issued by Capt C M Randhir, President of MIA.