Modi, Netanyahu make waves with barefoot stroll on beach

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 07 Jul 2017 08:58:28


By Harinder Mishra,


PRIME Minister Narendra Modi and Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday made waves online with their camaraderie as a barefoot stroll on the beach, a discussion in ankle deep water and a toast to life with desalinated water reflected the warmth in their relationship.
The bonhomie between the two leaders was on ample display as they witnessed the demonstration of sea water purification technology pioneered by Israel at a water desalination unit on the Olga Beach in north Israel.

The two leaders spent some time on the beach and had a long chat standing ankle deep in the waters with waves hitting their feet.
Modi had his trousers folded up as he entered the waters while Netanyahu came smartly dressed in casuals with a polo shirt.

The two leaders later drove together in the mobile water desalination unit, which looked like a dune buggy, and sipped desalinated water from wine glasses, raising a toast saying -- lehaim (to life) -- with desalinated water.

They took a barefoot stroll along the Mediterranean shore with Netanyahu later tweeting, “There’s nothing like going to the beach with friends!” Later, Netanyahu also gifted Modi a signed picture of them strolling barefoot at the Olga beach in northern Israel with a message hailing their friendship.

“To Prime Minister Narendra Modi, with deepest friendship on your historic visit to Israel,” Modi tweeted the picture gifted to him by his Israeli counterpart.

Modi and Netanyahu’s camaraderie created waves online with many discussing their “budding bromance.”
The Israeli premier accompanied Modi almost like a shadow since Modi landed here on the first visit by an Indian premier to the Jewish state, with both of them hugging each other at every possible opportunity. The two leaders also constantly referred to each other as “my friend” and used superlatives while appreciating each other.