Grey, and loving it!

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Jul 2017 11:43:21

Actress Ritu Shivpuri, daughter of late actress Sudha Shivpuri, says she loves her look as an antagonist in new TV show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPK ) and compares it to Bollywood’s badman Gulshan Grover. Ritu’s look in the show is extremely Indian and is very ethnic yet modern.

“I love my look on the show as it is very different from me in real life and also because I’ve never been portrayed like this on TV before,” Ritu said. “This character is very different from what my real self is. I feel as if IPK is being shot like a movie and I am definitely like, ‘I’m the Gulshan Grover of the small screen’,” she added.

The first two seasons of the show has done wonders. How is this one different from the others?

The only common factor between the previous seasons and this season is the name and Barun Sobti. Apart from that, it’s a new stellar cast, and a completely fresh concept. Barun has a huge fan following, and that means our show already has a set audience waiting to watch him back on screen. They can be assured that we’ll not let them down. IPK is not a run-of-the-mill concept.

It’s not a sequel. It’s fresh, new and revolutionary! The characterisation is detailed. From the leads to the ensemble cast - each and every character has been well-established. A lot of effort has gone into the production, and it will reflect on screen. Talking about what makes this show different, I can only say that the audience will understand the difference from the first episode itself. The show is colourful, diverse and a heartfelt effort to bring good storytelling for the audience.

Tell us a bit about your character.

My character’s name is Indrani Narayan Vashisht. She’s Chandni’s (Shivani Tomar) mother, and is a complete perfectionist in all aspects. She knows what she wants and would get it done at all costs! She loves her daughters to bits, and wouldn’t let anyone come near them without her prior approval. However, she’s the main antagonist in the show. She’ll be seen wrecking hell in the lives of the lead actors budding love story. It’s a multi-faceted character, and the audience won’t be able to predict her and her actions.

How much do you relate to your role?

Well, I would like to consider myself as a positive person, and I don’t usually mean people any harm! However, I’m always looking out for my family, and I can do anything to make sure that they’re okay. So, on that bit, I’m like Indrani.

How is it working with Barun Sobti and Shivani Tomar?

Both of them, in fact the entire cast is extremely welcoming. It has been a little over a month that we all are shooting and I can quite proudly say that we’re almost like a family. Everyone is very friendly with each other. On-screen or off it, it’s a positive vibe on the sets, and that reflects in our characters when we’re shooting. Barun is a tremendous actor, and Shivani is a very sweet girl. It’s very good to see young people pursuing this art with such passion!

How different do you think is Bollywood and Television, and is the gap being bridged?

The line between Bollywood and Television is slowly diminishing, and it’s quite evident. Long gone are the days when Bollywood was the only grand industry. Today, even in television, the same technology and the same grandeur is visible. The scripting is strong in both the industries, and I think that’s why we are seeing a lot of Bollywood actors coming back into television.

Also, as an actor – the medium should not matter! It should just be about entertaining the audience in every possible way.