Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Jul 2017 10:28:44









THE lament of the country’s highest court on the Karnan episode is understandable,  as the controversial judge’s utterances in the media and his judicial orders against judges of the Supreme Court were indeed damaging the image of the judiciary. But the Supreme Court’s ire at the media, accusing it of “merrily riding” on the Karnan wave, is rather unfair.

The media was only discharging its duty as the events between the two sides of the highest judiciary unfolded. The media could not have been expected to shut its eyes while mudslinging was going on right in the open. Things should not have come to such a pass and both sides should have been mindful of the repercussions of their own actions.

While an unstrained spat was unfolding between the two sides, did the responsibility of protecting the image of the judiciary entirely rested with the media? While some among the media might have gone overboard in adding spice to the story, the rest of the media were restrained in reporting the unprecedented episode. It is unfair to single out the media for criticism.