Rains take backseat in State

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Jul 2017 13:37:31

Staff Reporter,

Rains have taken back seat in several parts of Madhya Pradesh and owing to this reason, temperature level is rising partially. No where it looks that it is a rainy season. In last 24 hours, rains occurred only in few pockets of state. Unlike many other parts, rains are also elusive in Bhopal. By seeing dry weather conditions, it looks that it is not monsoon season but is season akin to summer.

In absence of rains, heat and humidity is giving tough time to people. Everyone is surprised by seeing the changed nature of season. Otherwise by this time, there used to be bountiful rains. The rains have disappeared as monsoon system has become weak and it is likely to get revived to some extent in four or five days. Till then, weather conditions will be more or less same.

In the wake of weak monsoon system, frequency of rains has become less in state. This could be gauged from the fact that it had rained only in fewer places of state in last twenty four hours. Major rainfall figures were recorded in Mehgaon (7 cm), Lahar, Hanumana and Sidhi (1 cm each) respectively.

The forecast of weather department says that several places of Rewa will be drenched by rains. Some places of Morena, Bhind, Gwalior, Datia, Panna, Tikamgarh, Chhattarpur, Shahdol, Jhabua, Alirajpur, Badwani and Dhar districts will also receive rains. Weather department told that except south eastern parts, temperatures will increase partially in state.

Now, everyone is seen talking that why rains are not occurring and when rains will be back. weather department is hopeful of revival of monsoon activities after July 13. Notably, monsoon has made timely entry into Madhya Pradesh but its steam got lost in midway, resulting into drier conditions in larger swathes of Madhya Pradesh.