Source: The Hitavada      Date: 01 Aug 2017 12:17:07

THE Indian Coast Guard has done a smart job by seizing 1,500 kg of heroin worth around Rs 3,500 crore from a merchant vessel off Gujarat coast. Thousands of youths, many of them school-going, are falling prey to drug addiction, ruining their life for ever. Drug menace has spread its tentacles far and wide. While Punjab was in the news for youths taking to drugs in large numbers, Hyderabad too is not lagging behind.

According to a recent survey, even schoolchildren in Hyderabad are increasingly taking to drugs. This is a matter of serious concern, as drug addiction is a sure way of pushing youths to hell. Enemies of the nation are hell bent on crippling India’s youth power, the largest in the world, by making them drug addicts. The Gujarat consignment was also meant for the same purpose.

If the drug menace is not curbed urgently, each and every home will soon have a drug addict. The Government agencies are doing their bit to tackle druggists. But it is not enough. Parents should also remain alert to ensure that no child takes to drugs in any case.

Much needed step

WITH urban roads being clogged by increasing number of vehicles every passing day, the decision of the Maharashtra Government to implement cycle track policy in ten districts, is a much needed step, in right direction.

This is an invitation to cycle lovers to promote cycling as a social culture. Apart from the personal health benefits, recourse to cycling by the community will contribute much to decongesting of urban roads and reduce traffic chaos that has become an integral part of urban life.

Even more important is the impact increasing use of cycling will have in reducing toxic gas emission level. While the issue of pollution is haunting the entire world and nations are struggling to find ways to contain the menace, the Maharashtra Government’s decision is but a small step but worth emulating all over the country.

People could be encouraged to use bicycle as a mode of commuting to office on a regular basis. Considering the ill effects of vehicular congestion, bicycle provides a better option to the people.