Debris near Cable-Stay Bridge marring impression

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 01 Aug 2017 11:10:33


Staff Reporter,

Cable Stay Bridge has been constructed at Kamla Park to make the traffic system better and to give a new look to the city. Cable Stay Bridge which is hailed by the city residents for its ultra modern look has debris lying just beside it. The debris from the construction can still be seen lying near the bridge spoiling the look of the bridge. Although authorities are claiming that most of the debris have already been removed, but a substantial area can still be seen littered with these debris.

Cable Stay Bridge has been constructed to solve the traffic problem at Retghat where traffic coming from all sides of the road often created traffic bottlenecks. The construction debris consists of boulders, rocks, wires and iron material leftover from the construction of the bridge. The 300 metre long bridge has been constructed with a hefty budget of Rs 40 crore, has 32 cable lock points and has traffic load capacity of 3000 pcu. The design of bridge makes it a lovely sight to see, but the littered material is giving the area a sore appearance.
Not just this people can also be seen throwing plastic and other material near the bridge, treating the debris as a dumping ground. Plastic bags and wrappers have also become a common sight at the spot which was supposed to leave a lasting impression on people entering in Bhopal for the first time.

Drishkar Pataiya, resident of the old city area said, “People lack civic sense which was very much evident with the incident of spitting on the bridge. But authorities should at least do their part properly. The debris not only spoils the look of the place but also give people a chance to throw wrappers. Authorities should clean the place so that people are also urged to keep it clean and maintained.” PRO of Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) Harish Gupta, when contacted, regarding the issue said, “We have removed most of the construction debris that were lying in the area. The area is much cleaner now. We will remove the remaining debris soon.”