Faulty construction of culvert ruins crop in Iragaon; dozens of ryots upset

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 01 Aug 2017 09:55:38


Our Correspondent,


Mistake committed by the district administration in construction of bridge has proved dearer for dozens of farmers of Iragaon.
“There was a culvert which was in dilapidated state from long time and need to be repaired. But instead of repairing the culvert, the officials demolished it and constructed a new culvert in other place. The old culvert used to help in controlling flow of water and doesn’t allow the water to get into the fields. Since the time administration has demolished old culvert, water of the river which passes through the village, easily get into their fields and destroy the crops.

At present, nearly 30 acres of agricultural land is levelled with mud and sand. Besides this, crops which were sown by farmers are also damaged,” said Geetabai Jailal, Mukesh Kumar, Ramji Mandawi and Sukhlal while sharing their problems.

Villagers informed that though they have discussed the matter with local officials and demanded for compensation, none of them paid heed to them. Instead of doing needful to help the farmers, the Patwari denied for making the report and said that the damages are not enough for providing compensation.
Villagers also informed that during construction of this new culvert, the local people had staged protest against the administration and also opposed this construction work, but all in vain.

In this connection, Keshkal Sub Divisional Magistrate Tekchand Agrawal expressed his unawareness towards the situation and said that he has not received any such complaint yet. He said that he will look into the matter and will take action against the Patwari who deliberately neglected the matter and denied sending the report to administration.