Motivating Teacher

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 01 Aug 2017 11:20:01


By dr rachanaa datey

Motivation is an inner drive that directs a person’s behavior towards a definite goal. Globally, the social and economic forces have brought about profound changes to the modern world of education. Every country, each government keeps modeling their educational policies constantly, which has elicited a number of external changes (positive as well as negative). These external changes when well organised with internal ones have come up with new styles of management wherein, motivation plays an important role. In contemporary educational research, motivation has increasingly attracted researchers’ attention.

In recent decade educational reforms, teachers are at the centre stage towards both –the problems as well as their solutions. This article is dedicated to motivating teachers. It brings out why motivation is necessary for teaching professionals, how does it actually get affected by the external and internal factors and lastly this article focuses on how new directions are creating marvelous opportunities for holistic development of teaching professionals.

Like any other profession there exist a link between teaching professionals’ motivation and performance. That is because, every time when we deem a task to be important and valuable to us, we act with a high level of dedication and enthusiasm to its completion. However, the relationship between these two things is, in fact, a lot more complex.

The duties that teachers have at work can be most of the time tedious, repetitive and sometimes monotonous which fall into the dullness category. With that in mind, teachers as well as the management need to find creative ways in which to consistently keep their teachers motivated as much as possible.

Motivation is highly important for every teacher and the institute for the benefits that it is able to bring. Here are a few ways to motivate the teachers and to inspire them, so that they give their best.

Creativity: Teachers are always leaders. Their duty is to educate the students and these students follow the teachers. They should be given free hand to design their lessons /lectures because the future of this world is in their classroom. It is often seen that, education system does not provide them the space to breathe and bring their creativity into the lectures.

They are often restricted by set rules to follow the curriculum. A huge positive difference can be seen, when the teachers are given some space to bring in their methods and creativity into the lectures which they prepare. They can be motivated to excel and to give their best performance. This way, they perform better and the result of students will also outshine.

Encouragement: Teachers are committed to lifelong learning and teaching. No other person can understand the different needs of learners/students in a precise way as a teacher does. They find out new, innovative as well as some times tested ways to meet these academic needs.

This makes the whole process of teaching is very prized. An educational institute should invest in seminars/conferences/workshops where in new pedagogies are discussed and new education technologies are introduced, various project based seminars are good resource to nurture the feeling of belongingness and thus motivate the teachers.

Respect: Guru is given the status of God. It is the guru who knows well how to nurture the students. The administration should work hard in the direction to have a positive connect with teachers. This give positive feelings and motivates the educators. Administration should always use respectful language; it should be there to listen to the concerns and observations of the educators and should welcome their inputs on various matters related to education and in related issues. It should never be forgotten that, the teachers are the prominent stakeholders of education system, they are professionals and learned creed.

Challenge: A common theme: Teachers want to be held to higher standards -- and no, that does not mean they want more standardised tests. Challenges play an intrinsic role as a motivator. Administration should trust the teachers and the experience which they possess. They should bestow their educators with authority over their instruction, and must give the responsibility to provide a fair measurement of how effectively they meet their students' needs. Let them excel in their craft and let them prove their worth.
Resource availability: Care should be taken, when and where the teachers need different supplies of tools. By tools we mean the materials they need to makes their lecture interesting and more educating. This material may vary from teacher to teacher. They may need well stocked supply closets. These materials can be of some appeal to tangibles like auditory and visual learners instruments etc. Sometimes they can organise lectures outside the classrooms, may be in sports area, or the green land. If proper tools are sanctioned the learning process becomes interesting as well as creative solutions to help minimise the gaps between the educators and students as well as educators and administration. A healthy dose of empathy is always a better motivator.

Compensation: Much research report found that teachers earn less than similarly educated professionals in other fields. This is really shameful. The educators are the makers and important stakeholders of our future economy. The tussle between the authority and the educators is always evident. Increasing base salaries is a challenging deed and it requires that extensive reforms. Still the fact is: If we want good teachers to continue giving their all to the institute and the students, then make sure they can afford to do so.

Concluding Remarks
The teachers determine the quality of an institution. Each have different needs and different levels of motivation. Institutions/administration should know and make it sure, how to best support educators. Ask them and chances are they have been waiting for you to ask and will feel motivated by this action. Best motivated teachers teach from heart not from books. At the same time; we as educators should remember that we have chosen the most important profession; it is indispensable and we should remind ourselves this fact everyday. The additional challenge for us is, to help and motivate other educators with whom we work. Each day we should be self-motivated to work and educate the students, who deserve the best from us. They trust us, they depend on us. Back-to-basics, nothing is more satisfying and motivating for a true educator than seeing his /her students reaching the zenith in lives with the values and knowledge which they have imbibed in their students since the time they taught them. When we take a deeper look we all will agree that “Teachers affect the eternity, no one can ever tell where their influence stops. Effective teachers never forget the pupils, or the purpose.”

(The author is Founder Director – QUEST EDUSTATION and can be contacted at [email protected]) n